Thursday, August 3, 2017

What Makes Me Happy ~ My Definition of Victory

personal victory quotes

  Things have been so hectic, I've barely had time to do anything but work. I've barely cleaned house, or paid attention to my blog, or even just relaxed. On a good note, my landscape business is gaining momentum. I'm loving what I'm doing. And I'm getting paid for it!

  I've been so tired, getting little sleep though. The difference between my usual exhaustion and this is that I'm actually doing something I love, and it makes me a happy person. Sure I have those moments at work still that I'd rather send someone to the guillotine than smile one more time at them, but overall just the knowledge that I'm doing something I love on the side, and getting somewhere with it, is an incredible sweet victory. Even if I can barely hold my eyes open at times, and I'm hanging onto that coffee or energy drink like a freaking lifeline.

  I've also been house hunting. Not to buy, just to rent--but I'm ready to have a bigger place. It was a bit of a short-notice decision, (which jolted my boyfriend a little bit, when I told him that I wanted to move after all) and I jumped on hunting everywhere for a proper place. Several things just fell into place that made me want to move. I need a place to keep my lawn care tools, (shed preferably) we wanted these akita pups a from friend but couldn't care for them properly in such a small studio (I fell in love with those pups), and I was ready to have a yard and showcase to the world what I could do with my own space. And above all I was ready to not be cramped in my own place. Oh, and the AC is leaking. AGAIN. Every year, without fail.

  Day and night for the past month or so I've been looking at rentals in any spare time I had. I knew that once I forfeited my lease renewal, my studio would be snapped up by someone else and I needed to find the right place asap. I was so stressed, looking on craigslist (be careful there), on trulia, on trovit, ANYWHERE and making endless, endless calls. Always one thing or another was not acceptable, or they just wouldn't get back to me. I had lists of places I had already called, and when, and what I was waiting to hear about. There was this one house we were so excited about--then I discovered that every single online review for this rental agency was absolutely horrible. So I dropped it like a hot coal, albeit with great disappointment. And perhaps even a bit of anger. I was so ready to be done. So freaking tired of it all.

  Yesterday (and I had a good feeling about that day) I used my day off to go see two properties. One all the way in Canyon (almost got stuck in a mud ditch!!) and one actually near to our friends' house, where we will be getting the puppies. It felt serendipitous, and I loved the house. Needed cleaning and painting, but it was perfect otherwise. I just saw fun projects. I got home, and told Jaciel that I was sure I'd found our house, and I immediately applied. I feel so right about this one. I'm just paying that we get it.

  Which led me to rework finances for the next few months, and that took like four hours. I was stressing, knowing how much we were having to come up with in a short amount of time, but we'd be able to do it. And it made me realize how far we've come already. Things feel tight yes, but it's because it's a step forward, and we'll have to grow into it. We have that chance. If certain opportunities hadn't come our way, then this wouldn't even be possible. It is because we both work so hard, and try new things, and find a way to make it work. The same will be for the coming challenges.

  In the end, everything will balance out. Things are moving forward. To me, that is victory.


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