Monday, June 19, 2017

The Power of Clarity ~ Turning It All Around

  I have good news! I got to change to my favorite department! I start today. Super excited. It only took me little over an extra year to get what I originally wanted--which was a full time position in Garden. So super happy! Back among the flowers and plants, helping people with their garden ideas--needless to say, garden lover here! As if my service Nikki's Garden doesn't say that by itself. :D Now if I get the manager job at the other place, that will definitely effect things--but one step at a time!

  One thing that I've been reflecting on is just how much better things turn around when you actually recognize your victories. I went from focusing on how much I was falling short, to looking at everything I was doing right--and just the positive energy has enabled me to do more. I still don't have everything smoothed out, not everything is planned and set with how I want everything to work, but I'm definitely getting there. And with such a lighter heart! What a world of difference! I definitely feel like I'm working towards my goals, making progress, and my end game is a tangible reality. What a turn around. And for the first time ever, I'm actually getting consistently high pageviews! One of the things on my goal list! Thank the Lord. Happy dance. Part of the reward of writing is knowing people are seeing it--that perhaps it's helping somebody.

  My father also told me of a position at his work that would pay phenomenally--if I got it I'd reach my goals months sooner than originally planned. I jumped on the opportunity, stopping everything else I was doing and getting that application ready, updating my resume, etc. Testing my wpm. (Excellent, I'm happy to brag). But the point it that I never got so many opportunities until I started looking at what I had already accomplished, and had the guts to pursue different opportunities. I can't worry about putting noses out. It might lead me to a different job, might make things a bit complicated for a little while until things get organized again--but the advantages outweigh all that in the end. I'm so glad that I finally have the courage to jump at something, once I realize the value.

  Well that's it for my Monday catch-up. What have you guys been pursuing? What are your goals?


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