Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Challenge to See Clearly ~ Keep Watching, and Celebrate Your Victories

The trick to change is not always the mad run to what you think you want. Sometimes it's the everyday, putting one foot in front of the other, sometimes going the extra mile. (Even when your feet are killing you). You keep your eyes open, talk to the right people (or at least figure out which people ARE the right people). And possibilities start rearing their heads. They don't fall in your lap, but you can see them on the horizon. You still have to work for them.

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  I was just thinking about this because over the last few weeks (and in some cases months) I've been looking for a change. My #1 fact, I don't have enough time to spend on all my projects. Yet the truth is all of them are important to me. I want time for my blog, for my creative writing, and other endeavors. Working fulltime, getting enough sleep (sleep is huge--if you don't sleep enough, the quality of your energy put to everything else is effected. Nope, I need my brain running a smoothly as possible), spending time with loved ones, there just isn't enough time for it all. The reality is, I'm going to HAVE to make more time at home. So I'm keeping my eyes open for that chance, when it comes. I'm ready to pounce.

 Which brings me to the possibilities--there is a possibility for a landscape manger position at a local country club coming up. I'll find out mid-June. It'd be roughly 6 hrs a day, but with the pay I expect to get it would be more than enough to sustain my lifestyle, and ALSO pay off debt. The major win here--I'd be doing something I LOVED.

  Another possibility: getting a supervisor position at my current job. It would likely mean more hours, but higher pay, and I'd be able to pay off debt faster. Within the next 1-2 years. I'm big on paying off debt, so I actually put a lot of money towards it. I want to get it out of the way so I can start mass saving for goals over the next 3-4 years.

  And yet another possiblity: changing departments at my job. I've learned so much from being in Receiving, I want to go back to Garden (which is a department that I love, since *ahem* I LOVE to garden, and help others with theirs). I want to see how much I've improved as an associate, see if I can take it head on this time. I was great with customers and garden knowledge before, but I wasn't performing as well in managing department needs. Granted that goes back to the fact I always felt like I was being PUT with the customers, but that's another story I won't get into.

  At first I was stressed about being courteous to expectations. What if I pursue the supervisor position, they're interested, then I get the landscape job? So many what-ifs, and wondering who's nose would be put out. But one big lesson I've learned, and I'm happy that I have, is that it's a business world. This is to be expected. You have to play the field, or you won't make it. You have to take the chances as they come, and if someone gets disappointed and pissed, well, they need to grow up. Trying to please everyone is liking walking in a maze that doubles back on itself. You'll just find yourself in the same area in life, and not where you want to be. Unless you get lucky and someone plucks you right out of the maze. But that is a fairytale. (And often enough they don't end well anyway).

  Regardless of the stress that I've felt over the last few weeks, months, year--it has all been good to me in the end. At least good FOR me. I see possibilities, blessings that in one way or another will help me reach a goal, and when that is done, I can change course and strive for the next. It's going to be hard work. I'm going to be tired and sore. But if it gets me to getting out of debt, building up an awesome resume, and getting to the point where I can lessen my hours so I can focus on goals at home, then the battle is worth it. Onward charge! Victory is nigh, through the toil and the blood.

  Which leads me to my last thing--investing in yourself. I've recently made the jump to invest in a personal coach. I'm so excited about it, and frankly it's a relief to be getting some help. To just talk about my issues and goals, and get some real, no-nonsense support. Just the orientation made me more self-aware. Made me realize more clearly the things I'm doing right, and the things that I can improve. Note that I said "doing right"--it is so easy to think we're still failing, even when we've already won half the battle. We all need the guts to see clearly.


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