Monday, April 24, 2017

The Everyday Go-Getter That We Forget

 This Monday I have no madness to report, and no Modern Go-Getter that I want to share today. Actually just in a moment's thought, just a few minutes ago, I knew what I wanted to write about. It struck me how quickly I forget what I've accomplished just in the few hours previous. As I've said before, I'm the type that measures the value of my day by what I've accomplished. Except for those few times I really need a break and I set aside a day to by lazy, and genuinely rest. (Not often, I get bored easily, and I love the feeling of a to-do list accomplished).

  What happened just a little while ago was that I looked at my clock, and realized how much time I had left before I had to go to work. And I thought, "I really should get back to getting some things done." (Currently watching 13 Reasons Why, I heard so much hype about it that decided I needed to watch it. Well worth it). Because I felt like I'd feel guilty if I didn't before I had to leave for work. Then I remembered how much I had already gotten done. Tidied, folded laundry, ran errands, made calls, took care of my man's lunch, fed the pets. It's been a good day so far. There's no reason to feel guilty. It's been a productive morning, and early afternoon. Sure I'd be even happier if I got more done. I'm a glutton for accomplishment. I love feeling like Wonder Woman.

  When I was reminding myself how much I'd already gotten done, I realized how I always do that. Always forget exactly what I've accomplished already. I tend to feel like I'm not giving my best, because things aren't flying forward. Time passes so quickly, and I feel like I have to keep running just to keep up, so it won't leave me behind. I have a goal in sight, and I want to see it through. But the tendency to feel like I'm underachieving all the time doesn't help. I need to remember what I've accomplished already in life. Keep my eyes on the goal, but don't forget my victories, along with my losses. It's too easy to focus on our shortcomings. Too easy to forget how far we've come, even in the past few hours. The goal looks so far away still, that where we've been looks small. We keep running so fast that we leave them behind without a thought at times. We forget to leave markers, beacons to remind us that we actually continue to kick butt, even though we fall on our ass a lot of the time too.

  So I just wanted to share that. Share the everyday go-getter that we forget. Ourselves.


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