Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ~ The Purpose of LIFE

secret life of walter mitty quotes

One of my top favorite movies is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Every time I watch it, it's like it's the first time, and I just fall in love with its full-of-life simplicity. The journey of finding truth, the truth that we already are the hero of our own story--and those around us can be as well. Life is to be found--to be grasped with both hands--in all these different ways. Not just witnessed, like a subway car going by.

  The movie was directed by Ben Stiller, who also stars as the main protagonist. On so many levels I marvel at this movie--the way the camera is worked, the flow of the storyline, the things that propel the main character to step outside his comfort zone. And what gets me, again, is the simplicity of it. He didn't rage and whine about how scared he was to do certain things. There was a reason--something to go find. And he again, and again, takes another step because he needs to. And realizes that life can really be that interesting, that big. Things really can just happen, and turn out ok. Goals, people, adventure--they're worth going and finding. This movie really does embrace the simple essence of life. I can't believe that the movie just came and went, without that much attention. I think it deserves a whole lot more than what it got. This movie will remain on my best of list for years, probably forever. A story that is as good time and time again, as it was the first time--is a darn good story that has a message that is real. That is never old.

  There are so many symbolic themes worked into this movie. The fact that Walter works for LIFE magazine, he handles all the pictures that their best photographer sends in. He handles these images of what life is like. He hears of all these places this man that he has worked with for years, has been. But he has never known it himself. And it takes his dedication to his work, and just the plain need to do the right thing, that he embarks on a quest to find a missing photo. By this single step, he has plunged into the unknown.

  It really does take the simplist of things, in the end, to discover the mysterious. To get out there. To touch others. To taste new things. In the end, what is holding us back most? It really is ourselves. Our decisions. Yes, anything can happen. But that also means that the best is possible. And the excuses we make every day, end up being very, very trivial. We really are meant to LIVE.

  What propels me, in a lot of things, is not the fear of failure. It is the fear of getting old, looking back, and realizing I never tried.

~ Nikki

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