Monday, January 30, 2017

Dealing With Sciatica

  This past week has been a doozy. Currently I sound like a recovering smoker, as I have a slight cold it seems. Or just allergies. Sometimes it feels similar. Last week I hurt my back again--the previous week my chronic back pain had started coming back, but I tried to handle it as I usually do. But last Tuesday--whoohoo, no it wasn't having that. I went to work anyway, and asked to just do a four-hour shift. It wasn't all that pleasant, but at least I finished my HIPO class. Then I went home and rested. Felt so much better--resting with my knees over a pillow, making sure I wasn't putting too much strain on my back. Wednesday I was better, but still very sore, so I went ahead and stayed home. Aside from going to the chiropractor. Now THAT felt good.

  But Thursday...heaven help me I don't know what did it exactly. I couldn't even put on my own pants. I literally lifted my leg and about keeled over from my back screaming at me. So I just inched my way back to bed and tried to find a way to make the pain stop. Nothing worked. I was almost in tears, I was so frustrated and overwhelmed. I couldn't miss another day's work, I had had so many absences already due to my back pain. Finally I had just had it. I told my boyfriend to take me to the hospital so I could just get it fixed. I called my boss and explained what had happened. I wouldn't be coming to work, but I was trying to get it under control.

  Best thing I could have done. The doctor told me I have sciatica, which a lot of people do apparently. He told me that the cheapest and best option would be to invest in certain stretches and exercises after waking up and before going to sleep. Building up my core and my lower back. Taking my meds when I need them. I figured that exercise was a must even before I went, but that's hard to do when your back is already hurting. It was nice to know that I was on the right track though. And now I have medicine that will at least enable me to get through the day, and not miss work. That was a big concern, as it effects my dependability. I was sick of it costing me so much. So I'm just thanking God for drugs and a boyfriend who takes care of me. Haha. ;) I can't say I enjoyed the shots they gave me--made me so dizzy and drowzy. Very dazed. But hallelujah I was able to go to work the next day just fine. I was still taking my meds of course, which made me dazed as well, but as long as I wasn't operating equipment I was fine. (Although I did drive the truck after feeling a bit better). I'm so grateful to have a plan now to keep control of my sciatica. I can tell you, it's shitty to have to deal with. But it should be better from here on out.

  Now it's just a matter of finding a routine to keep it under control. Finding the right stretches, exercises, and sticking to it. Hopefully I will be totally in control soon enough.


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