Monday, August 29, 2016

Keeping To My Goals

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 I'm starting my new position at work tomorrow. I'm a bit dubious, but I think it's a good thing that I will be away from the stress of Receiving, which I've been doing for the past few months. Going from Sales Associate and my frustrations with that, to Receiving, was a big learning curve. It was the most intensive work I've ever done, hands down. It taught me what it was like to work harder than I ever had, how to handle stress (never a perfect thing), and how to help run a department. I enjoyed the amount of ownership I had, and the chance to be somewhat of a leader, even if not officially. It was a great experience that took my sanity for a whirl. I can't help but think that I was meant to have the job, and then move on. All part of my experience in the work place.

  However the last few months have really made me examine how much I like my job. I was disappointed to realize that I actually didn't like it genuinely--I liked being busy, and my associates, but I had no great love of the company. Respect, yes, but I couldn't help but feel that after all I didn't belong there. Home Depot pays great, and does provide opportunities, but after my frustrations, and trying to please on different levels, I realized that I was rather removed from the application of my best gifts. And I rarely had the pleasure of the work experiences that I treasured. The actual time to spend with a customer, over something personal, and intimate. Choosing the perfect gift, getting the right clothes for the occasion--my favorite memories are from such things. Other jobs. Other jobs that while at times repetitious with slow days, had plenty of opportunity for personal service. At my current job, it is so successful that there is so much to do that you hardly have time to serve customers, even though it's a priority. Doing both sucks up so much time, and while it's typical and understandable to get out late most of the time, keeping a balance with daily needs was driving me crazy. I'm hoping this new position will provide less stress, and the ability to get out in a more timely manner. Not only does it affect my sleep time, it effects my time with my boyfriend and it's a struggle already to get a good amount of time with him.

  And since I'm shooting to get a car by the end of the next month (I better, since I've been working hard towards this, and I'm tired of not having one! I'm also determined to have one before the weather turns cold) I've actually considered getting a second job in addition to my full time at HD. To help pay off the car sooner, since I'd like to not be in debt when I need to finance my schooling. But I got an idea from my mom, who reminded me that janitors at Pantex actually make a lot of money,compared to what other jobs offer. Pantex is an excellent place to work for, pay+benefit wise, and family has worked there for a long time. It would enable me to pay off a car sooner, without the necessity of a second job. I'd be able to set aside an amount for my schooling. I definitely think I'll apply once I have a car to get around on my own. I've not done janitor work before, but no job I've had can say I don't work hard or strive for excellence. I hope it'll enable me to have a more predictable week. In the end, I need a job that will enable me to move forward with my goals, the primary one getting to film school. Because of my trouble getting a car I've put off starting school twice, but if everything goes as planned I'll be on my way within months. I'm very excited, and ready for a change. And a better paying job (no slur on HD, it pays much better than most, but I have my expenses and goals, same as anyone) will also enable me to finally get a video camera and laptop. I'm ready to get back to taking video, getting back into photography, and having a laptop that will enable me to edit video as I get around. I'm very optimistic, and excited. Which is nice, considering how stressed I've been. I just pray that progress is right around the corner!


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