Monday, August 22, 2016

AMACON 2016 ~Tips For Your Local Con

  Earlier this month Amacon was hosted at the Civic Center of my home town, as is tradition. I had planned to do something different but due to constraints of time, I just went with another Harley Quinn look. I was better prepared this time around, currency-wise. Last year very few booths accepted cards. Learned my lesson. Not that I had anything to spend! It sucks being broke when Amacon comes around. But this year was different. I treated myself well.

  I got the idea for this post about preparing for your first Comic Con from Eventbrite, a site that is great for finding local cons and even has a conference management page for anyone interested in creating local convention of their own. And since I was about to do my post for this year's Amacon, I thought the timing was perfect. I've learned a few things along the way, so why not share them? So after sharing this year's experience I'll give a few tips at the end of the post.

harley quinn comiccon makeup
I don't look 25 going on 26 do I? Don't think so.

Exterminate! Exterminate! IT'S THE DALEKS!

Run for your life! But it's so cool...
tardis amacon pics
I'm in the freakin' TARDIS!

Too happy

Oh no it's the Emperor of the Daleks! Anybody ready for some witty repartee?

Seriously though, this booth was freaking amazing.

Ideas for next year...LOVE the waist corset.

Oooh...ideas for a retro Harley Quinn...yes, I'm obsessed. Didn't you know?

  Unfortunately I didn't get more pictures. It was a fast paced Amacon, and I was just drinking everything in. So yeah--not many pictures this year. Last year I think I took a few more--and the booth at the end of last year's post is one I shopped at this year, getting a mad black leather cuff with nautical accessories. Beautiful and punk, I must say. I definitely need to take more pictures next year.

  •   Now for tips--honestly, bring cash just in case. I was flummoxed when I found out most of the sellers didn't accept cards last year. Fortunately this year they did! But JUST IN CASE, bring cash!! At least $100. That's what I did and I'm so glad I did. 

  •  Next thing, get your admissions early if you can. Ours wasn't too busy this year, so we didn't have to wait long, but if you can get them beforehand, DO IT. 

  •   Don't wear uncomfortable shoes. You'll regret it. Just thought I'd throw that in there. I wore heels to an event at the Civic Center before and decided never to do so again. Even if they fit the outfit, the whole "beauty is pain" thing is freaking ridiculous. Comfort is key! At least a happy medium.

  •   Make sure your tech is charged. I hate it when I realize my phone is going to die and I need to find my friends. Just being able to text and say "Hey meet me here" makes things so much easier. Why wander around for an hour when you can meet up in ten min? And of course having a charged phone is super nice for those must have pics!! I would have been ticked if my phone had died before I got those Doctor Who booth pics!! Whoo!

  •   Bring a portable charger if you can. I mean, who doesn't play Pokemon, or take a lot of pics, etc.? Having a portable charger is a lifesaver, honey. Get one if you can.

  •  DO YOUR RESEARCH. Regardless of where you are, sometimes your local Con has different rules. Some websites you have to sign up to before you can buy tickets. Just google your local Con, and look for articles from people who've been there. It's simple. 

  For me, this pretty much covers my experience. I would greatly suggest you check out this article about attending Comic-Con--it has universal tips as well. Good advice to educate yourself on!

And if you would like a look at last year's pics here's the link!


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