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A Complete Guide to Travel Safety

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  Back in March, I heard that SimpliSafe was trying to start a conversation on the topic of travel safety (I know it took me a little bit to get to it--I didn't even realize so much time had passed it actually scared me a bit. Time is getting away from me!). Since they provide easy to use, wireless security systems for the home, they're hoping to help everyone feel safe while away. Now I know safety covers a broad range...from your house, your effects, your person, your pets--but for the sake of this article I'm going to focus mainly on personal safety while out and about, with a brief coverage of home safety.


The Where, When, What, How

This means different things. Start with figuring out the where, when, what, how. Where do you want to go? Once you find out that, look up local blogs for tips, or people who have been there before. I trust personal experiences a bit more than the local travel sites, considering business always tries to push for best appearances. I like to get a picture of the raw experience. Do some research on the environment, the red zones, and the safest areas. And the places that  would be most interesting!

  Now when do you want to go? The season effects also what will be possible to do as well.

  Then figure out exactly what you exactly want to cover there (what will be available), what restaurants, local hot spots, natural parks, events. Honestly for me, I like learning the history of a place, so I like to form an itinerary that covers the original architecture, museums, and best restaurants for local flavor, mixed with just knocking about exploring.

  How are you going to do that--make a map for in what order you want to cover things, so you can keep track. And beforehand become familiar with the layout and become less likely to get lost.

  Just doing these things saves a LOT of trouble. Exploring is the best way to have fun, but as long as you still have a guideline.


   Now you need to get any essential travel insurance (important), and to book any hotels/motels, etc. To compare travel insurance quotes you can use this site,

  While getting that set, it's time to get a house sitter. Preferably a family member or friend who is willing to do the favor, and is definitely trustworthy. If you can't trust your kid brother to keep on top of his own pets and laundry, why would you let him watch your house?  Finding a good house sitter makes things much safer, and the community collaboration, even on a small scale, makes life safer in general bit by bit. This goes for taking care of your pets as well. And make sure you all have each other's phone number, or email if necessary. Make sure communication is assured.

  Now for personal effects--know what to pack--and when I saw that, get as little as possible. Know what you are more comfortable in, so you don't feel the need to get  more comfortable clothes on your trip. It makes for more baggage, and I can't stress the necessity of going as lightly as possible. Especially if you're going to hot areas. Space should be conserved for water, any essential technology, and personal identification, etc.  And a first aid kit!

Must Have Tech

universal charger
portable charger
backup phone, if you can
car charger
any needed cords

  I greatly suggest you carry these, because it always SUCKS when your phone or device dies and you actually need it. And I never like the idea of my phone dying and me ending up really needing to call for assistance, etc. But if that does happen, I greatly suggest that you carry your personal phone number book--I have one, because I realized once, when at work and my phone was dead, that I literally did not have anyone's phone numbers memorized, except my parents'. If I was in dire need, and I couldn't get ahold of them, I literally couldn't call anyone else I knew because I always relied on the info in my phone. So--get a phone book! A tiny notebook will do! And don't forget any SIM cards or whatever you need for your phone. Communication must always be preserved. And this list is just general. If you can use your ipad instead of laptop, go for the lighter option.

Identification, Etc. 

  Keep all your essential info in one place, with copies elsewhere for safety. For me, I'd keep most of my basic info in my wallet, with copies in a tiny folder that could easily fit elsewhere in my backpack/purse. Believe me, it'd be horrible to be in a foreign place and your passport somehow gets wet and unrecognizable, or the paperwork for your hotel gets lost while you're searching for stuff in your bag and it gets left on some counter. Copies copies copies!!

Last Things

  Before you leave get everything squared with your sitter, all rules, expectations, verify you have correct phone numbers, and that your house is clean. No trash left out where delightful things can grow in your absence, or attract small neighbors. SimpliSafe has provided some lovely going away to-do lists that you can save for yourself. 

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A Few Tips While Abroad

  • Discretion. Don't look like a tourist who is rich in technology waiting to be stolen. Always be low profile when looking for whatever you need--and it's a help if you have bag or pack that has different compartments that hide what's in there--also helps you know exactly where a thing is, so you don't have to flaunt what you have by digging it all out.
  •   Angle your backpack a little the side, somewhat nestled under your arm, so you can see it in your peripheral just by turning your head a bit, without it looking obvious.
  • Use a paper clip to attach your zippers. Makes it more noticeable if someone is trying to move them.

Together with knowing the environment, where you're headed, and having those guidelines, you should be able to fully enjoy your trip safely. Which is the most important thing since you're out to discover new things, have fun, and have a break! Prep is everything.

  I want to thank SimpliSafe for encouraging us all to think about this topic--they have a good site with good advice and it was a privilege to participate. They provided a good article on home security while you're off traveling. I hope you enjoyed this post! 

  If you have any personal suggestions or comments, please share below!


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