Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Quest For Simplicity

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  I wish there was a clean slate for blogging. Because I've lost it. So much has changed, and I've hardly kept up with everything that I used to--I'm improving in other areas that are becoming more important, like I'm back to reading frequently. That has become part of my morning routine. I read with my breakfast. All this has come through a trial and error phase, with me trying to learn how to manage everything--it has definitely been an increasing challenge. Because there is still so much I want to keep up on, but I have to admit that I need to find some sort of balance of simplicity to make it all work.

  First of all, I have a full time job at my place of work. I dropped the whole cruise ship thing, as I wasn't hearing back from anyone and I realized I didn't want to wait to get everything saved up for school. I decided to try to make it work in the present, see what kind of student loan I could get, or go with the school's internal finance plan. That would take me about 4 years to pay off, but I'd be working at what I want to do in life now, rather than 4 years later. I feel the wheels churning, I want to get going now. I've already gotten in touch with my counselor at the school, Dennis, and touched base on what to expect once we get started. Before then, though, I still need to find a car. Two other things I've already achieved--a full time job and health insurance. Now I don't have to worry about getting another job to make it all work. The way I've budgeted it, it should work fine.

  As for getting a car, with each one I've pursued so far it's turned out either already sold or broke down before I could look at it. Go figure. But there you go. However I was given the number of someone who was selling their 2008 Cadillac yesterday, and I gave them a call--left a message. I hope it leads somewhere. Before I even start school I definitely need that car. I can't bike around the whole city just to get to school and work, thinking that I'll have enough time for all that. I sincerely doubt it. And on top of a muscle-needy job, biking makes you tired. Not that it should be a deciding factor--just sayin'. Everyone is tired.

  I'm meandering aren't I? Well to cut to the jist of it. Well I think I covered it, mostly. Things are progressing, but there's still much to manage. I've been able to get a set schedule, so that enables me to schedule my daily life needs around that, and I'm so grateful. Makes things so much easier. I have my reading that I get done with my breakfast, I have my time in the morning to get chores done and get ready for the day, and a bit of time to fit in anything else. What remains is how to delegate time to each extra thing and on what day. There's blogging, catching up with news, craft projects, beta reading, (sorry Sarah), gardening, Spanish, networking, letter and email writing (I've gotten horrible with my reply time--I used to be so punctual!) and the all important novel and screenplay writing. And studying scripts. How to delegate--how to simplify--how to find that balance--now that is the question!

  But one this is for sure. For once, I know I'm on the right track! Although once school starts it'll through it all for a loop again, since I'll still be working 8-hr days and trying to cram film work into it--and probably on the weekends as well...which I have currently decided should be TREATED like days off, instead of hustle days to worry on other things that need done. Everyone needs their day of recuperation--can't expect to go back to work fired up and ready when you killed yourself over the weekend with stuff that would survive another day if you chose to leave it and rest.

  I learning. And I'm excited that things are looking up. Although I'm bummed that my camera broke. The lens covers jammed. Need to find a way to fix it--although I plan on getting a better camera anyway. Need to start my own film projects, and not just scene shots like I usually do. Little moments are awesome--but I need to practice weaving a whole.

  Should things go as planned, I should be posting me trip posts that should have been done last Fall. Lake Meredith, my trip to Alabama years ago--I've been slacking.


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