Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Story Will Win The Battle ~Screenwriting, and Stephanie Palmer

I've been reading Stephanie Palmer's stuff on writing--I think I mentioned reading her Screenwriting Kit, (which I'm really enjoying!) and I signed up for her articles. In one of her latest emails it was one of those "fill in the blanks", and it was addressing the reason the individual wanted to become a screenwriter. The reason was either:

to make a living

creative satisfaction

having an important story to tell

  And while the first two are definite, I knew in my gut it was the last that was the absolute truth. I write, and keep returning to writing no matter how tired or busy I am--because in the end the story is worth it. (And I can't help it anyway, it's in my blood). Sometimes it's like being possessed--so possessed by an idea that you can't help but bring it to life, to make sure that it has a shot at being known. The fact that I'm the one writing it is almost circumstantial. Coincidence. A story needs a vessel to get it to the world, but in the end it's the story that wins the battle. And knowing in your gut that you have a worthwhile story--you have an awesome idea that's growing inside your head---that is awesome. It will get you through the long haul.

  Although I do hope that it'll enable me to earn a living. Working retail takes so much time and energy. Does make brain work a bit only goes so far. 


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