Monday, December 28, 2015

Busy with Fangirling, the Holidays, and Life in General ~Monday Catch-Ups

starwars 7 premiere night
Premiere night

Things have been going by quickly the past few days. Not only has there been Christmas, which was awesome, but the StarWars premiere, and I finally sent in my first application to a cruise line. I started with Holland America. I've started my own twitter accounts, and I've tried to get out a bit more...mostly at the pushing of friends. So that's what's been up with me. Trying to write more, slow bit by slow bit. Reading. Had yesterday off and it was a blizzardy day so I just spent it cozy inside reading with hot cocoa for half the day. I just might be able to write down 13 books I've read this year. Although I was shooting for 50. Looks what happens when you actually try to live a little. Your reading regimen just falls apart!

  But anyway. Christmas was great, spent it with the family, the gifts were all liked, so another score. Glad I was able to spend it with them. I'm going to be able to spend the turn of the year with them, so I'm super happy about that as well.

  The Premiere was awesome. Sitting there with a room full of fans, enjoying the epic newest installment of a great franchise? Too cool. Especially when everyone starts cheering. Here's the post I did on my experience that night. My first time experiencing that kind of shared fandom. It was beautiful, I can tell you. A day or two after that I saw this link where Boyega talks about everything that happens in the movie. Amusing.

  Because of my ire at the death of Han Solo in StarWars, I've just started a parody twitter account under DeadHanSolo, and I can tell you I'm enjoying it. I've also started a personal one under Nicole vs Elora, a play on my inner ramblings with myself and my muse.

  I've restarted my work on my women's fiction novel, My Trail Over Stars and Sand, (just the working title) and I'm interested in the new way I'm handling it. Going to see if it works better, from a more personal point of view.

 And I can't wait to see what becomes of my endeavors to get a job on cruise ship. Wish me luck!


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