Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dancing On Your Day Off

" Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! "

autumn texas pictures
Outside DQ after work. And...that's my bike. But I just loved the view from inside the store, the tree was so pretty.

  Yesterday I was relieved to have a shorter shift at work. Being the only in my department for a few hours, I was rushing to get all the things I wanted done. Nothing was making it any easier, but I was gratified in the end to know that I had done everything I wanted, and I was free to go home--on time, I might add. That was super nice.

  So--yesterday I had a day of doing whatever I freaking wanted. Since I had the opening shift and it was shorter, I had much of the day to just chill. So--on the way home I went and got DQ's new Peppermint Chill Blizzard, (very yum by the way), and went and visited Oscar at Maldonado's. I shared his antique shop on a post recently. I've been slowly getting furniture from his shop--slowly turning my place into a cutesie place. I like a lot of the stuff he has. And I love just visiting, chatting about everything under the sun.  And...taking pictures and see what I want next. I have a whole plan for the things I'm getting over the next few weeks, and I'm super excited to get my next one--a sofa table that I'll be putting in my entry way to hold the stuff I need on my way out the door. And to just look nice. I'd like to get this crackle-glass mirror sold at my work to put over it.

  I also am going to be getting a table and chair set and a hutch to put all my favorite books in, for my reading nook that I'm setting up. I'm really excited about it. It's going too look nice. And I'm going to be getting a coffee table soon as well so I can put some of my garden plants on it, since the weather is getting cold.

  But anyway! I just had a nice "chill and day and dance your socks off to youtube videos" day yesterday, and man was it good therapy. I'm always running around nowadays and just letting myself just do what I wanted yesterday was fun. Nothing like a chill day to just kick back and learn some new dance moves.

  I think it's so easy to get caught up with work and all the other things we try to do in our lives that we forget to just kick back. Or maybe its just those of us obsessed with getting ahead in what we want to accomplish.

  ~ Elora

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