Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cruising For a New Job? ~Tips from Wandering Earl

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  Overtime is awesome--but it certainly does catch up with you. I'm so thankful tomorrow is my day off. Black Friday and just the holiday season has been keeping me busy at work. But despite things going well at my job, (aside from not having a full time position or insurance) I've made a decision to move towards something else.

  Over the past few months I've considered trying to work for a cruise line. I've read for a long time how some people actually are able to make a living and travel decently that way. They work hard for months at a time, and are able to see new places, and during the time in between contracts they're able to travel on the money they've saved. Or do whatever, but anyway. Some have been able to save upwards to $12K in one contract--depending of course on their wages and spending habits. But honestly! I seriously started considering it in August/September, studying it more and reflecting on the possibility. I love my job at Home Depot--but there doesn't seem to be much chance of a full time position any time soon, and I need to take care of some major concerns coming this next year.

  So as of a couple weeks ago I made the official decision to start applying this December. I know that it'll take me awhile to prepare for such a change, and I know when my lease will be up--so my plan is to set that date as the time I'll be available. I've read that having a set date helps with the hiring process.  I'm following the advice of those I've reached out to, (which I've been fortunate in) and the book I got from Wandering Earl. It has been super informative--and has gotten rave reviews, as being solid advice. I first came across Wandering Earl about a couple years ago, and have been keeping his tips in mind. I'm so excited to get started.

  So here's to a new venture--I'll be sharing all I learn on this point with upcoming posts. I'm looking forward to the adventure.

  Oh, and P.S., I'm going to be going by my real name from now on. I'll still use my pen name in association with my work, as I'm still using it for my novel writing, etc., as I have in the past. 


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