Friday, July 3, 2015

Doing a Dance in the Sun ~ My New Place!

  Hey, I've promised my facebook friends pics of the new place, but it's taken me almost a month to actually get it done! Shame on me. In all fairness I have been taking care of different things now. But I also know I could have squeezed it in.

  I am so super happy to finally to have my new place. It's lovely, and quite a cute little community. But needless to say one of my happiest things--if not THE happiest thing--is that I have porch space for my garden pots. So so super happy. I love looking out and seeing them lined up along the wooden fence. gardenia shrub trees are about to bloom. Many, lovely, pure white velvety blooms...I'm ecstatic. But anyway! Here's the pics of my new neighborhood.

  Don't have many inside pics. There wasn't much to show anyway. I just showed the best part. And...the canvas print that I fell in love with and immediately decided was going to be my house colors. Love the tones! Isn't it gorgeous? I love the scene. Parisian, rich, but simple. Happy. Had to have it. I'm looking forward to decorating the main room with the same colors. I am quite happy with my new place. Feeling very blessed, and happy to be on my way. Need to definitely get back to tending to writing and online things, but I'm happy to finally be moving around and getting things done. save for film school. And finish writing that screenplay. And all the other things in between.


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