Sunday, April 19, 2015

Getting There: Determination Alone is Omnipotent

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 I can't imagine how on earth I'm going to manage all this. I really don't. I'm just getting the hang of having two jobs, but keeping on with blogging, writing, correspondence, journaling--to say nothing of mending and chores and what not--well! Certainly is a Herculean endeavor. But honestly--I'm just going to have to find a way.

  Having such a hard time managing everything really makes me think of how incredibly difficult it must be for parents with two jobs. I'm single, and with no children--yep, I think  it's safe to say that the normal joes and janes of the world that manage to keep it together while having kids as well are most definitely the biggest heroes. Soldiers of the world!

  Just in trying to save money for normal things like a car, and budgeting for present expenses, I've often wondered how hard it's going to be to save money for film school as well. I constantly wonder how it might come about, how long it will be until that point.

  Nonetheless with any endeavor...there's always that trouble. The sweat and constant figuring-out of how to reach each milestone. It takes guts. There's always the knowledge of how many people who had a dream to become something, but had to do something else--it's a very real reality for many. But it's not the belief that just because we want something bad enough that we deserve to have it, and that it WILL happen because we want it that badly--it's the fact that I believe in my chance to make it happen. I'm just willing--determined--to fight for the chance of accomplishing what I dream of.

  I suppose an amount of worry will always be a part of trying to accomplish anything that has tremendous value to you...but at the same time, there's that strength in your gut determination to see it done. And of course pouring your prayers into it.

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