Monday, February 9, 2015

The Visualization of My Future ~ The Screenplay I Want to See Made

visualizing your future quotes

  I picture my future all the time. I'm sure most of us do. I constantly reevaluate  current circumstances as they change, figuring out the best ways to get me to the next goal. I picture myself sitting in a park in South America with my laptop open, having done my morning business, and now enjoying the sunshine as I work freely on the current novel or screenplay. At that point I may still be working on my current project--a year ago I decided to start my first screenplay, inspired by the story of a young man who was dying from leukemia.

  It gave me a thought...what if a child wrote to his mother every night, in case he didn't "wake up" in the morning? This idea just stuck with me, until finally I decided to go ahead with it. I was entirely new to the format of writing for the screen. So I embarked on studying the format, and a friend referred me to the free use of site called Celtx, which has turned out to be invaluable with learning, and getting it right. I still do studying on the side when I can (heaven knows my working on my screenplay has been only here and there, as I spend most of my energy on other things).

  So far my mental picture for the story has centered it around a burdened single mother who is struggling to find a measure of peace, and to find who she used to be once, for a brief time. Her purest joy in the present is her son. And even while she takes him back to the places where she had spent her childhood, she gets the news that his leukemia has come back. It is her son's enduring joy, even as he starts to understand the concept of perhaps "going away", that helps her keep going, and eventually his memory and his evidence of faith that does bring her healing in the end, and the discovery that she is completely whole.

  Overall, I realized along the way that overall, it's a story of healing and identity. I found it interesting, that my first screenplay is so character/spiritually driven. I'm more known for writing fantasy/adventure, or something of that sort. It is my goal to finish this screenplay, and hopefully by that point things will have worked out to where I'll finally have the funds to pay for a local film school, Film Connection. It's an apprentice/hands-on type of school, which is exactly what I'm wanting. It has good reviews. It would be spectacular if this could be my first movie--and it's what I'm aiming for.


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