Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Catch-ups ~ With Mork

 For a Saturday catch up this isn't bad. Today was my first working day at my new job, this week I made the decision to stop pursuing online marketing (because I realized I had no real liking for it, and that it was taking too much time away from other things), and been reading about personal finance and I've almost finished reading The Making of Indiana Jones. I've been watching the Original Trilogy Star Wars, and been thinking of the differences in movie making, particularly in George Lucas's style at different times.

  The biggest change has to be just my overall contentment with having cut off things that weren't working, and returning to things that brought me back to the present. Definitely has made me much happier. I've put so much time into trying to make an online connection that I didn't recognize soon enough that I just needed to stop. It just isn't working, and it's not like I feel the same as cyber-lovers. To me, it was just a hope to better reach out. It's obviously not my forte. Just didn't work the way I'd hoped...and even in the small ways it did, I realized it still wasn't enough. It's lovely, but I'm too much a social, physical-oriented person. Well, I've learned that everything has it's place. One can't force themselves into something else, force results from something that is not natural to them. My strengths are elsewhere. I'll have to let time work its own magic.

  I came home from my work and checked up on a couple things and then, wanting just something light-hearted and funny, I watched some Mork and Mindy episodes. One I watched was this Never Neverland episode, and I couldn't help but see the almost bittersweet irony of the fact that in the years ahead he was going to play Peter Pan in Steven Spielburg's Hook. (A lifelong FAVE of mine!) I used to be a bit more serious-minded about film and tv, but as I've gotten older I've realized how important seemingly silly shows really are. Shows that just remind us to laugh at silliness. Although I'd make a point that wisdom sometimes comes through the silliness of Orkins. The show isn't just laughs. Now that's art.

  What I've been reading:

  The Making of Indiana Jones

 Thomas the Rhymer by Ellen Kushner

  The 9 Steps to Freedom by Suze Orman

  Mother Earth, Father Sky: Native American Myth

What I've been watching:

The Original Star Wars Trilogy

X Files

Mork and Mindy

Once Upon a Time

  I'm very curious to see how much change this year brings. Things already feel different. I wonder where at I'll be with the writing of my novels, my screenplay...and I wonder how my perspective with shift as I get a broader understanding of storytelling through different genres in books, movies, and tv--the nuances and rhythms of different modes are interesting, their strengths various...yep, I'm definitely pumped to find out where the coming months lead.


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