Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Truth of Your Life ~ You Are What You Leave Behind

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"Our life is our message." ~ Muhatma Gandhi

  I have often thought of how many people tell you just to say what you're thinking, to just open up. But that, for many of us (if not all of us) is something only done partially. We all have aspects that we only keep to ourselves, but that doesn't mean we want to shut off from the world. We might even have something we really want to share, a vision. Something worth sharing. But no matter how we live our life, there will always be an aspect that is our truest self, and only we--and perhaps those closest to us--knows. Frankly I think that is something that keeps us sane.

  Some may argue that that just means that we aren't completely honest. I disagree. Unless we are exercising a double standard. And I think the truest reflection of who someone is is by their actions. The most we can truly know of someone, is by what they leave behind. Their life. And if it is to mean anything, to those left behind, to those who will come--then what will we choose to make of it?

  I would LOVE to hear what you hope for yours. I know what I want of mine. My mission is and always will be to inspire people. To believe in the best.



  1. I've always hoped that I had a good impact on people. And I'm grateful for those people who tell me that I made a difference in their life. Sometimes I'll be going about my day, doing my thing, when out of the blue I run into someone who takes the time to say "you remember when we had coffee 12 years ago?" or "I've been meaning to tell you that since we talked 3 years ago this is what's been happening". Every once in a while I get a phone call or a note in the mail (it's been a long time since that one has happened) to say thanks for spending time with me, it helped.

    1. Oh, that's awesome! Must be the best feeling--to have someone remember, and thank you. Wow. I think that's the best any of us can hope for---that genuine gratitude.

  2. Elora, I agree with you. We've all been told the stories of people on their death bed wishing that they had pursued their dreams a little bit more aggressively! I certainly want to keep aspects of my life personal and share only with those closest to me but I also want to have an impact and leave a message worth talking about!!

    1. I actually had this moment a long time ago, I don't remember what I was reading--but it was talking about the perspective of these people who were dying, and looking back on their life, and some of them were regretting not following through on things that they had truly dreamed about. And I think it was that potent moment that gave me the most determination to succeed in what I dream (writing, making great films) because the idea that I could go through my life, just traipsing along, and in the end being full of regret just scared the heck out of me. I'm naturally a "no waste" person, but I think it really came to a whole new level when I got a glimpse of what it must be like to feel that you've wasted your life. Scariest thing.


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