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The Journey of Discovery ~ The Traveler's Message

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"   In the end she went with a grande iced passion tea and headed for the lower floor.

Shortly after she was standing in between Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, having just come through Neiman Marcus after feverishly walking away from a cute little red purse. Now that would have gone very nicely in her closet. It was her bank account that didn't fit.


Mari paused in the middle, adjusting her high heel. The back was digging into her skin, pinching the side. Some tall, thin girls came walking past, in fedora hats and dangling earrings. The one in the middle was naturally tall—but greatly accentuated by the ridiculously high heels she was wearing. Mari hated to think of what her feet must be feeling. The girls slowed a bit, looking at her with mildly disgusted faces.

What? Scrunch up your faces at me! Mari thought, dropping her heel back down and straightening. The girls were murmuring, and an idea sparked in Mari's head.

“Y'all having a nice day?” she asked, trying to sound confident and distinguished.

They made a face, pausing momentarily.

What, you don't know English? “I would like to complement you on your very modern, street-chic style. Quite nice.” Mari stepped to them, and they were looking at her as if she was growing another set of ears. “I'm Melissa Gorden, the editor of Transcend magazine. You three might have some potential for a shoot, I think.” She looked them over carefully as their expressions began to change, unsure whether to take her seriously. “Well, at any rate, here is my card.” She handed the really tall girl the card. “You girls have a nice day.” She turned and walked away from them, a smile breaking over her face as she tried not to burst out laughing.

The tall girl was looking at the pic of grinning girls on the card, then flipping it over to see the words, Smile. It might improve face appeal.

Mari had saved that from a joke Viv had played on someone. Never thought she'd really use it. Mari finally let out a laugh that echoed up the pathway. "

Yesterday I was talking about the joy of life being a strong element in my book, and how I was marveling that I didn't take my own advice all the time. One can hold up an ideal, yet still forget it. I was marveling because I'm so tenacious in pursuing my goals, and holding onto positivity, that I think I get caught up in sort of delirium, forgetting the reality of the present as I get lost in ideas. So lost in the toil for what I want to accomplish.

In my book, (so far the title is My Trail Over Stars and Sand--not really sure about it) Mari is just like any young woman trying to make things work with a low-paying job, as she battles in increasing feeling of lost discontent. The feeling that she has missed something, and its been missing for a long time. She's headed to nowhere. I think so many people in general can relate to that, but especially the present generation. So much so that it has created a trend of living outside the box--not just thinking outside the box, taking on a new lifestyle. So many people travel nowadays. They're finding a way of stepping out into the unknown, seeing where it takes them. Trying the unconventional. Acting as pioneers of our new age.

My Trail Over Stars and Sand captures that. At least that is my intention. I pour my own love of how I see the world, its possibilities, its hope--its beauty--into Mari's story. She doesn't just rediscover herself. It doesn't even end there--life is ongoing, and her story is one of change. Of the discovery of how beautiful the world really is, and how travel opens our eyes to that. Through so many different people. You open your eyes, your heart--you will discover others in a way that is new, is precious. And in many ways, wash away that chronic sense of loneliness that is often prevalent in people. Mari is her own pioneer. It is her desperation that pushes her to make that first step outside her apartment door, the fear that she will always be stuck in the same rut, like a tape caught on a snag. Sometimes the worst nightmares are the ones that just are a maze set on repeat, with no sense of logic or meaning. They're just filled with an eternal feeling of confusion, and a sense of your own unraveling mind.

I like to think that stories of other travelers (for we're all travelers in this life, aren't we?) are some of greatest sources of inspiration out there. Often enough, they reflect the ideal of being open to others. (With common sense, of course). They are more attuned to other people, a sense of global unity that so many others don't have. I hope to do that with my story. And I can't wait to finish it. I included this excerpt today because it's one of the funniest. I loved writing it.

I'll be posting more of my novel. It is my goal to have it finished by mid next year. Still have a lot of researching to do. Lot of stories to hear, and stories to create. I hope you enjoyed it.


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