Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Picture This ~ Living on a Beach in Costa Rica

living on a beach in costa rica

Picture this for yourself

We all have that idea in the back of our heads of the places we'd rather be. We just don't know how to get there. Perhaps it's in Barbados. Fiji. Madrid. Costa Rica. No matter where it is, the hard part is figuring out how on earth we can manage it. Often enough, especially these days with us having multiple minimum-wage jobs, it feels impossible. Just getting through the day, providing for the basics, takes up our time.

Who wants their life to consist of that? Especially when others have found a better way?

I want you to watch this video, if you haven't already done so, and see what others are doing to achieve financial freedom and make their beach dream possible. Perhaps later this year will see you in Costa Rica. ;)

lone wolfe travel
Life is is made to be lived. I know what I want it to be.

Tomorrow I'll be posting an interview with Alex from Lone Wolfe Travel, who is currently living in India for six months. I'm so excited about sharing her story! She has traveled through Europe, Asia, and Australasia. I have loved working with her!


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