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My Top 5 Favorite Travel Blogs

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  As y'all know, I love to travel whenever I get the chance. I've been following blogs, interviewing travelers, reading books--I pursue travel like the mythical white stag. The symbol of coming adventure. Today, though, I realized that I've never shared about my favorite travel blogs! There's so many, but I'm going to begin with my top five. There's so many to share, so many people getting out there, who I'm a fan of.

  This is in no way a paid or arranged promotion--this is just me sharing my genuine favs. These are the sites I visit the most, glean the most from. They're well worth the following, so make sure you do that!

Hippie In Heels

  Definitely my favorite. I've interviewed Rachel before, and I comment almost daily on her blog. She shares her tips and adventures of living in India. She has her "This is India!" series focusing on the crazy moments that sometimes pop up, as things tend to do, providing a glimpse into what it's like living there. Her posts never run out of fun. She also has a series featuring other bloggers, and one featuring local boutiques. Check her out here

Nomadic Matt

  Nomadic Matt is actually the first blog, I think, that I ever started following seriously. His tips are so in-depth, tried, and proven that he's the first person I'd suggest to anyone wanting to learn from someone who travels everywhere constantly. Matt runs tours, puts out books and materials of his tips and experiences of making travel possible, and blogs with general topics on what it's like to be a full-time traveler. I bought the first edition of his How to Travel the World on $50 a Day last year, and I highly recommend it--although I've heard that recently he's come out with an updated version. Go check that out--I would definitely recommend it for your shelf, and for consistent reference.

Janice MacLeod

  I've been following Janice ever since I saw her featured on Etsy in the Quit Your Day Job series. She scrimped and saved while working at her corporate job to take a 2 year European vacation, and it never ended. She has settled in Paris, made a handsome Frenchman her husband, and made her new job her "Paris Letters" business, where she paints scenes of Parisian life with a little letter included in a portion of it. They are so creative, and lovely! I was fascinated by the idea. She shares many posts about random, interesting things she encounters in her daily life in Paris, beautiful architecture, and updates. Just today she shared a post about someone else who had chosen to travel and live in his van, to pay off his student loans. I've put the book, Walden On Wheels, on my wish list.

  Janice's own book, Paris Letters, tells the story of her decision to save for her vacation, how she accomplished it, and the series of events that brought her to the point where she met her eventual husband, chose to stay in Paris, and established her business. It was a very fun read, and I was so excited when she announced it's printing that I pre-ordered it, and read it within a couple days once I got it. It's happily on my shelf.

Young Adventuress

  I discovered Liz from Young Adventuress shorted after I discovered Bloglovin', and in browsed travel blogs I came across her post on her trip to Hobbiton, the area in MataMata, New Zealand where the set for The Shire was built, for the The Hobbit movies. The site had been used on the previous movies Lord of teh Rings, but the set was removed. Since the second trilogy the set has been preserved, and open to visitors. As a fellow fan, I was of course enthusiastic about that post!
  Liz has lived in Spain (moving there when she decided to study abroad), and now in New Zealand. She shares many adventures like learning to sail a ship with a crew (that was a TON of fun watching!), her misadventures, things she's learned along the way, and new goals. It's always a party over there!

A Dangerous Business

  I'm actually in the process of interviewing Amanda from A Dangerous Business! Really excited about that. Amanda has been showing how to make travel more possible for yourself, even if you do have roots, and can't just pick up and travel at a moment's notice. I like her perspective--she thinks in terms of buckling down and figuring out a way, and making it possible, because usually somehow it is! She provides a lot of posts and topics on different ways she does this, as well as sharing some pretty hilarious stories from time to time. One of her latest is one where she mentioned she's friends with Liz from Young Adventuress, and how her outdoorsy New Zealand pal dragged her into a hike that she insisted she was not fit for. Her post on getting through it was pretty amusing, including her proving to herself that she could actually do it. Even though it hurt.
  Amanda also provides courses on how to run a travel blog, and work with other brands. I'm always certain that I'm in for something new and funny when I read a post of hers.

  Well, that compiles my list of top fav travel blogs! Hope you find this fun and helpful, and I really suggest that you follow all these amazing people. They are a great example as to what is truly possible, a lifestyle that is full of fun and opportunities.

  Soon you'll be seeing my interview with Amanda, so keep an eye out for that!


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