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Live with Style ~ Interview with Megan, the Savvy Fashionista Behind Lush to Blush

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  Here's the interview with Megan from Lush to Blush! Megan is the blogger an creator of behind her blog, sharing her favorite things, her love of fashion, and diy's. She is the cofounder of Adorn Media, a full-service marketing firm specializing in fashion, beauty and lifestyle for both brands and tastemakers. She's a terrific example of businesswomen making a living doing what they love!

  Enjoy the interview! I was unable to get ahold of some photos to use, but rest assured her photos are definitely something to see! Megan's styles are just simply stunning.

Hello Megan! It was a pleasant surprise to discover your blog. I think it's interesting that you wear many hats--not just in a fashion sense, but in a literal sense. What got you started? How are you enjoying it?

Ha! Thank you! It's so funny that you made that observation. I never thought of it like that before, but it's very true! I love every minute of a typical day. Working for myself is the only way I think I'll be able to live from now on. I got started through writing and my major in college (editing, writing & media). I was lucky enough to have some incredible professors who really saw much more in me than I saw in myself. 

I bet it can be a challenge at times. How do you keep up with it all?

It can definitely be a challenge. I'm constantly behind on emails because I get countless piles of them every day. My work is very much intertwined with my life. I'm working from the moment I wake up until usually around midnight or 1am. 

You sometimes share DIY projects. Which are your favorites? I really liked some of your nail designs. I seem to be noticing nail designs more often now.

Thanks! Unfortunately, I haven't had enough time to do any DIYs lately, but I do share recipes sometimes. My favorite recent recipe would have to be my Tuscan Bean & Kale Soup. It's so perfect for fall and winter!

As I said in my message, I really like your style! Is is something that is natural to you? Something that you just grew up with? Or did you come to it through trial and error? I really love some of your outifts--like the one in the Red Lipstick and Chanel post, with the striped shirt, pink coat, dark hat, and black Chanel purse. Really a stunner! Very French. ;)

Thank you so much! It's something that definitely came naturally to me. At age 2 I stopped allowing my mother to dress me and I just HAD to match my underwear to my outfit every day. And even though it makes no sense, I still do it today! 
What is your personal favorite outfit combination on any given day? For a night out?

For a typical day, I love jeans, a comfy oversized top, booties, some jewelry and a hat. Always a hat.
For night, it would probably be the same. A night out for me would just be a simple dinner and maybe a movie or something like that. I passed my party girl phase in college! 

What is your favorite piece right now? In that one post, you gushed about the Chanel purse. And I remember that lovely dark-plum colored hat. (It IS lovely!) Any others?

Since it's winter, I am loving my big cozy sweaters. I think my favorite has to be my Free People turtleneck.

What's new with Lush and Blush? Any upcoming giveaways or events?

I do have giveaways often, so definitely look out for that, but in 2015, I really want to start making videos! Hopefully I can stick to that goal. 

What's your plan for the next year?

I am really horrible at making plans, but I do have some goals that include making videos and growing my Instagram following.

  Thanks for stopping by, Megan! I really enjoyed getting to know you. Looking forward to seeing more on your blog! Keep up the beautiful work!
  I greatly suggest that y'all go follow Megan's blog!


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