Monday, January 19, 2015

Life Coming At You ~ Perhaps We All Need a Nanu-Nanu Reminder

  I was practicing guitar today, just enjoying the sun and warmth as I reflected on some things. When I'm out in the sun, life just seems more tangible, things more possible. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm an outdoors-in-the-sun girl. I was thinking about how one can become so disconnected with that feeling of just living, while pursuing goals relentlessly through the day. And when the moments come and you realize how that feeling has gone away--been gone for a long time, perhaps--it makes you miss it. Talk about a Peter Pan revelation, realizing you've turned into the business/world-obsessed adult.

  Yesterday I started watching Mork and Mindy on Hulu--they have only some of the episodes apparently, but ever since I read the Robin Williams edition of Time magazine last year, I've wanted to see it. I immediately fell in love--the incredible, simple energy and love of life in the show just got to me. Robin Williams has always embodied a sort of love to me, and being able to watch episodes one after another of portraying that--that larger than life, enjoyment of life and love, wow. It's what I adore about William's movie Hook. It has been a childhood favorite, and will always be a favorite. But even with all the energy and goofiness I exhibit at a times, I think that I've still disconnected a bit. It's a blessing that we have people who make us wake up, whether it comes through a song, a movie--a bizarre show.

  What's funny is that I write about this all the time. It's a theme in my novel. For someone who thinks about it often enough, you'd think I'd be better off.

  It'd be good if I went and played in the sun more often. And perhaps greeted the neighbors by saying "Nanu-Nanu". I'm sure that'd be memorable. I think it'd be one of those simple things that would never get old. ;)

  I think that'd make us laugh. 


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  1. Oh, I have never had heard about that film! What a curious post! With Love,

    1. Thanks for dropping by Vera! It's a show started in the late '70's. You should really check it out! So funny, and comforting in a very comical way.


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