Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Choosing Freedom ~ In the Way We Pursue Our Goals

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 I totally agree with something I've read today. Fear is a paralytic. I'm often asked why I don't just get unnerved about the things I turn my hand to. My philosophy is not to waste fear on things that are just a part of your road to success. You can worry about all those "what ifs", but they're going to drain energy away from things that are important to making your endeavors a success. Worry soon turns to something that freezes aspects of you that needs to be free to brainstorm, to reach out to positive possibilities. And when we hold on to a worry it can turn into a sort of bitterness. Who wants bitterness to poison what started out as a passion?

  We need to be able to have the strength to think in terms of creative progress, in positive growth. We need to have the vision to understand what we want, brainstorm the tools to help us get it, secure against flaws in our plans, and have the fortitude to understand that you might hit a snag, perhaps even a scary one--but no one who strives for greatness allows these to get in the way of their determination. How else would we succeed?

  It doesn't mean I don't have those moments where I'm pricked with self-doubt, or concern that I'm not doing things properly (no matter how much research I do) and that it'll bite me in the butt down the road. But that's the thing. There are moments, not my entire time, given to concern. Majority of my time is given to being proactive, constantly reaching out, learning, connecting with others.

  What would you rather do? I want to enjoy being in business for myself. I enjoy designing and selling jewelry inspired by my love of travel, and different times. I love writing. I love sharing a message of possibilities, and helping others to have faith in their own vision. I wouldn't want anything to get in the way of me taking it as far is it can go.

It serves as blinders to what may be just a 
few steps down the road for you. 
The journey is valuable, but believing in your talents, 
your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you 
to walk down an even brighter path. 
Transforming fear into freedom - how great is that?"

~ Soledad O'Brien

  Amen to that! Something else I read and would like to share is an article with simple statements on remembering our own self worth, written by Farah Gray. He's a motivational speaker that I came across through a friend's page, and I've been enjoying his posts a lot. Here's the link!

I'm soon going to be featuring some other bloggers/businesswomen who have made good on their goals! I'm so looking forward to introducing you to them.

  Here's to your own vision, and endeavors! 


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  1. Same here. That's why I'm very thankful for my supportive husband who encourages me to pursue the things I love. Thanks for dropping by! Wishing you all the best in life! :)

    1. Having the support of those closest to you is so imperative--you're very blessed! Having that foundation really gives us the needed extra strength.

      Thanks for commenting, and the best you too! :)

  2. Well Said Elora! I am going to save your quote :)

    1. Thanks, NaNa! And you're welcome to share my quote pic if you like!


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