Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Born to Succeed ~ The Decisions That Create Us

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 I love this quote that I came across today:

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."  ~ George Bernard Shaw

I think that's something that we have to reminds ourselves of too often. Reminders are good, but it's best to be reminded even when we already have implemented it in our lives. That it is a truth that we have taken for ourselves. So of course it made me think. We can go in this circle, especially at the New Year, when tradition stimulates the need to make "The List". New resolutions. Old resolutions renewed. Worn out resolutions that aren't even a resolution anymore. 

  Makes you understand why some people don't even bother. But...then what's the point of anything? Where's the adventure, the LIFE? The drive to conquer even yourself? The aspects that are defeatist, because life has worn them down, or because, frankly, you're just lazy. I don't want to be that person. So. Instead of making resolutions, I'm making decisions. If circumstances physically get in the way of my efforts, then I know I'll still have done my job, because I still set to, with a purpose, even though it didn't go through. I'm going to challenge myself to find a new motivational/inspirational message every day before or after work, to post it, and mark it as a reminder of a lifestyle I'm creating, a mindset I'm creating, and the reality of what I'm making myself to be.
  I want things to change. Things need to change, or else we'd never learn--never discover anything new. There's always more. I want to challenge you to DECIDE FOR YOURSELF what needs to change, and set out on the road that'll get you there--even if you have to find that road. 

  I also want you to watch this video--not because it sounds like a gimmick, cliche, or just another easy line. I was moved by this no-nonsense buckle-down and do it challenge. Be the best of yourself. I'm going to be sharing this video often, because it just totally awesome. Something I'll need to watch occasionally myself, and take strength from. I found it while reading an article that Ipas2 put up. They have some really good suggestions for motivational reading as well, so I'm making a list. I'll be sharing more of the changes that I'll be moving towards from now on--not just for this year. 

  Please share what your own changes will be, or if there is anything your reading/watching that is giving you inspiration! Would love to hear from you!


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