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8 Questions for Alex of Lone Wolfe Travel ~ Living in India!

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  I'm so glad to be sharing the interview with Alex from Lone Wolfe Travel! I was really intrigued when I discovered her blog recently, and enjoyed reading her posts on her current life in India. It was interesting to get a glimpse into her life, how things were changing for her. She has traveled through Northern Europe, Asia, and Australasia. Definitely looking forward to watching her journey, and see where it takes her!

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When did you decide to start traveling? What had been your plans before you decided to go to India?

To ask when I decided to start traveling is to turn my mind back to being 18...(cue foggy time travel sequence) I had my first boyfriend Lee, and he was taking his gap year, and he asked me if is like to join him on his travels. I'd always been fascinated by the world. My parents had always taken me on exciting holiday adventures around Europe as I was growing up and the natural next step was to have some adventures of my own. I jumped at the chance and from then on have never shaken the travel bug. That trip taught me a lot about how to travel (don't bring a bag the size of an overweight child, have a budget that means you can eat more than a vacume packed Spanish omlette everyday), as well as teaching me that travelling with a partner can be tough, which is why I took the decision to travel solo at 19 around Asia and Australasia.
  The decision to take my current trip was a lot harder. Originally I had planned to live back at home with my parents and save money in order to do an MA, but then the idea of returning to India entered my mind and once it was there I couldn't shake it. I had no reason to stay in England, very little responsibility and my whole life to do my MA. However the older you are the harder it gets to leave, you make strong friendships (which are tested when you spend a long time away) I got a boyfriend and I started to make a comfy life for myself back home. But the overiding urge to pat holy cows and get a dirt tan (seriously I don't think the tan I have atm is anything to do with the sun) prevailed and I'm so pleased it did as this has been the best adventure yet! 

lone wolfe travel living in india

I totally get that! What has been your favorite part of this change?

My favorite part of this decision has been seeing how much braver I've become since my last big trip away. Traveling alone at 19 was hard, I had lots of adventuring spirit but was a bit too young to know what to do with it, I suppose I was a little less confident than I am now. I didn't want to have a package "gap year deal" but I was shy to ask local bus drivers where my stop was and was quite shy to join in conversations with other older travelers. This time I'm so much more open and confident and am having an amazing time because of it. Also I'm not afraid to be myself, even if that means looking like an idiot on a night bus as, due to boredom, I start to dance with the disco setting on my head-torch, or embarrassing myself by wearing black to an ashram where everyone's wearing white or when I sing mantras loud and proud when I don't know the words in a room of people who've been singing them for years. 

lone wolfe travel living in india
I bet they got a kick out of you! What different experiences have you had meeting other people? What adventures?

What a question!! On this trip I've has so many experiences with all different types of people. Traveling really makes you open minded to speak to anyone! I think my favorite pair have to be "Shellie and Steve" an AMAZING couple in their 50's from Australia. Steve had come to India in the 70's where he'd had a two year adventure that culminated in him becoming a holy baba and living in a cave in the Himalayas for 6 months. It was Steve's wife Shelli's first Indian experience and he was embracing it wholeheartedly. She is probably the sweetest lady I've ever met, always wanting to help people and the universe and she has big plans to write a children's book to help all humanity! They had had the most incredible life together and were such wonderful characters. Together with another amazing person, British yoga instructor Elle (who I traveled with for 6 weeks) they helped to make my 24th Birthday the best birthday of my life. It involved hitch hiking, drum circles and a party under a giant umbrella.

Whoo! What fun! Any misadventures? ;)

Sometimes I think all my travel experiences are a misadventure. I always seem to end up in the wrong place or be under prepared for things. My most recent blog post is all about how I failed at life in Hampi. One of my mottos in life is "if it doesn't work out the way you planned at least it will make a good anecdote", needless to say I have a lot of anecdotes! 

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Haha, I like that!
Has traveling changed your outlook of life? What has it shaped you?

Travel has wholeheartedly shaped me and changed my outlook on life. Traveling solo so young made a huge impression on me, it made me so much more confident, streetwise and worldwise. Seeing the world opens your heart and mind. If you stay at home only seeing the world on tv and the news you become ruled by fear. The example I always use is the current media coverage of  the Israel Palestine conflicts. If I were to only look at the news coverage I would assume that every Israeli was a monster. Coming to India I meet young Israelis every other day. After they have done their mandatory 3 years in the army many come to India to chill out and travel, I get to hear first hand the experiences they have had and I have a more rounded view of the conflict and therefore the world. I see the world as an open and accepting place, I'm driven to help people and appreciate how lucky I am to have the luxury to travel. Travel has shaped what I want to do with my life (become a drama therapist) and how I want to bring up my family when I have one (show my kids the big world). Travel has also given me the chance to learn about things and meet people I would never dreamed of meeting had I stayed at home drinking tea and watching loose women.

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What are your future plans for yourself and the blog?

My plans are always changing, however my current plan is to go to America this summer and work at a Summer camp, to see if I can bring a little bit of India to the USA (I'm picturing getting all the kids to sing mantras as we prey for Ganesh). I would then like to go to Burning man festival and dance in the dessert for 8 days in a sari and my Wolf onesie. My plan for the blog is to keep writing and hope that people continue to read, I'd love to become like one of the really successful travel bloggers I read. I love to write and if people enjoy what I have to say then what a great bonus! Once I'm home in going to have to assess where the blog is going to go, it will no longer be solely about India and I hope my readers will be okay with that, I'm sure my misadventures will be equally as mad though, wherever I am.

I bet--I wouldn't expect anything less. ;) If you could tell only one story from your experiences, what would it be?

Ahhhh there are soo many. This trip my favorite adventure would have to be going to Mumbai. The adventure culminated in dancing to Bollywood hits with a minor reality tv star I've written it all on the blog.

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Where all have you been, and what's still on your bucket list? 

Since 2009 I've tavelled to over 35 countries. My favorite include Mozambique, Hugary, New Zealand  and of course my second home, India! I'm dying to explore South America now, which should be a laugh as I can't speak a word of Spanish (unless Sangria porvavor counts?) I also have a very strong desire to go to Canada. The plan for that one is to meet a nice Canadian man whilst traveling...our eyes will meet over a large chai at a crummy street stall and we will fall in love, he will whisk me away and we can happily live out our days in the beautiful mountains of Canada. Good plan eh!

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Haha, good plan. Any advice for other travelers, bloggers? 

In the words of Dora from finding Nemo "Just keep swimming" (actually blogging) the more content you have the better your voice becomes, also guest blogging has been amazing for me (thank you Hippie in Heels!). My other advice is to take some form of computer away with you, I'm having to solely run "Lone Wolfe" on my iPhone 4 which is a nightmare, I wish I had an iPad or any tablet with me as then I could not only type better but could put up my nice photos from my camera. 

Thanks so much for having me on your blog!

You're welcome, Alex! It was more than a pleasure!! And I hope to see you back soon. ;)

  You can find Alex at her blog Lone Wolfe Travel, Facebook, and Twitter!


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