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Lifelong Traveler~Sarah from Sky Envy Interview

la jolla sky envy travel photography   We have Sarah from Sky Envy for a visit today! I was so excited when she agreed to do the interview. I've just fallen in love with her incredible photography, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading what she had to say about her travels. All photos show here are hers, and cannot be used without permission, so if you want to share some please contact her. 

Enjoy the interview!

Firstly, I'd love to know how you got started. I know you mentioned on your blog that you traveled around with your family a lot. How did you transition from it being family trips to you deciding to continue traveling on your own? Was it part of a career choice?

The transition happened naturally. As I got older, I started traveling with friends, then sometimes meeting friends in the destination whether locally here in the US or abroad. Later on, I found an opportunity to do contract work that involved living in different cities. This became more of a habit and little did I know, I've became a nomad for 4 years.

How did you get into photography? And what camera/tools do you use?

I always loved taking photos whenever I'm away. When I started traveling to more exotic locations like the Great Wall of China, I realized I wanted more from my travel photos. I invested in my first dSLR, a Canon XSi. It was a great camera but then again I became more serious, and decided to get a more advanced camera. Now I have Nikon D7000 with several lenses. And I always have my iPhone with me for that spur of the moment photos. 

sky envy travel photography

What has been your favorite part of traveling? What has effected you most? 

It is hard to pick just one favorite part but I spend most of my time planning my travel. Researching each destination and planning the iterinary is a big part of the fun. That is why I enjoy independent travel vs being in a tour. I get to learn more of the city and thus enjoy it more when I am actually in it. 

sky envy travel photographyWhat experiences have you had meeting other people, have you made friends from different parts of the world?

I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of different people through my travels, some of them I even became good friends with. There are a lot of experiences I've shared with the people I've met, but the most memorable ones have been the moments I've shared with my fellow volunteers when I was in Peru. We shared the same house, ate/slept/volunteered/studied/went out and traveled together for two months and those are the things you just would not forget. 

sky envy travel photographyHas traveling changed your outlook?

I wouldn't say it changed my outlook. I have travelled since I was young and so I was already exposed to other cultures and life abroad. I believe I look at life the same as before, just more matured and have deeper understanding. 

What are your future plans?

I plan to travel more as much as I can. I want to travel slow and not to rush my trips. The experience and trip is more memorable with slower travel. To me, it's not how many countries you've been in one week. It's the joy of taking your time and just living the moment. 

Uros Islands sky envy travel photography

If you could tell only one story from your experiences, what would it be?

Growing up in South East Asia, I wasn't accustomed to seeing the snow. My parents have already taken us to the US but mostly during spring or summer time (this was before we moved to the States). Then it happened, while on a birthday party of a friend, I saw my very first snow fall. In Paris, of all places. 

What place have you not visited yet, but is definitely on your list?

A long list but it starts with London, Istanbul, Budapest, Berlin, Barcelona, Corsica, Ko Phi Phi, Palawan, Miami, Madrid, Marrakesh, Budva and Reykjavik.

sky envy travel photography
Where all have you been? 

US: San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Monterey, Las Vegas, Seattle, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Philadelphia
South America and Canada: Cusco, Lima, Arequipa, Paracas, Vancouver
Europe: Paris, Nice, Strasbourg, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Prague, Monaco, Rome, Vatican, Moscow, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini
Asia: Bangkok, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao, Manila

What advice would you give to new travelers?

The world is too big to stay in one place. Just go. Save and invest more time in traveling. You don't want to just SEE the place, you want to BE in it. Live the moment. Don't be a tourist, be a traveler. 

sky envy travel photography

Loved reading about your experiences, Sarah! I can't imagine what it must be like to grow up not having experienced snow, and then to experience it in Paris! Wow. And I completely agree with you about getting out there, being a traveler and not a tourist. One can only truly understand a place by expereincing it more personally, not in a package. A place isn't defined by monumental stone and museum tours. It's by the people who remind us that we are all in the end, very much the same, but they show us in what ways we're different. Through traditions, landscapes.

  Thank you so much for allowing me to use some of your stunning photography, and I have to say your Trivoli photo is incredible! Those golden hues! I'm in love. I can't wait to see more of your adventures and photography on your blog!

  If you want to follow Sarah, you can follow her on her blog Sky Envy, on Bloglovin, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+!

  Sarah will also be cohosting the coming giveaway on the 17th! I'll be giving away a $25 giftcard, so don't miss it!


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