Sunday, December 28, 2014

Antastasia Sproull and Project Positive, A Messenger on the Behalf of Women and Self Image

I hope everyone had a terrific Christmas! I know I did. Everyone loved their gifts, and I was tickled by their happiness, so it was a success. And I loved my goodies.

  The point to today's post is to introduce someone I had the great blessing to stumble across. Her blog, AnastasiaAmour, focuses on creating a powerful, positive self image for women and I found her passionate writing really strong. I just had to contact Anastasia, and ask her if she'd be willing to give a word about her work, and her great belief in providing such a positive influence and message. She also provides a free ebook, 10 Shortcuts to Positive Self Esteem, which I can't wait to read. You get a code when you sign up for her updates, and with her great inspirational truths and messages, that's not hard to agree to. Hers is a blog I'll be visiting often. When we find truth and something positive, we need to cling to it.

anastasia sproull project positive
  Here are some words from Anastasia herself!

"I've always been a writer throughout my whole life, and prior to starting my website I'd actually been procrastinating getting into blogging for around 5 years! I constantly flip-flopped back and forth between different blogging platforms, trying to find something that fit my style but nothing ever felt right. I realise now that I was just blaming the platforms for my own hangups about my writing - I knew what I wanted to say but I hadn't yet refined my message or narrowed my focus. A lot of the stuff I wrote back in the day was more on the personal blog style of writing, and whilst I do enjoy
reading some personal blogs, this wasn't what I wanted for myself. Finally, when I started in January 2014, it felt right.

My passions for positive body image advocacy and self love are driven out of my own experiences and what I see in the world around me. Having been through an eating disorder, I know what a minefield the world can be for women and girls, and self esteem issues are troublingly common. I want to change this. So much of my inspiration comes from the demand that I see in the world, conversations I overhear women having and even the issues that I face myself to this day. I want women to know that they're not alone in however they feel about themselves, and that they don't have to settle for a life of insecurity. Women are so powerful and we can accomplish so much if we only realise and band together to support each other, instead of tearing each other down.

In the immediate future, I can't wait to share with everyone the second #ProjectPositive social media challenge which will be launching on January 1, 2015 (all the details will be released on December 30th, so keep an eye out for that!). The first challenge received over 1,500 entries and in just 30 short days, we acheived some truly amazing results - for those who didn't participate in the first round, the second round has plenty in store for you (and if you did participate in the first round, this will build on what we've already achieved together!).

I've got HEAPS more up my sleeve for 2015 and beyond but you'll just have to wait and see!"

  I suggest you get over to AnastasiaAmour asap, sign up for her updates, and get inspired. She shared a quote just today-- "If something feeds your inner light, it's not an indulgence. It's a necessity." 

  I think Anastasia is worth following. ;)



  1. Thank you so much for featuring me Elora! You're an absolute gem :) xx

    1. You're welcome! It was an honor for me as well. Looking forward to more uplifting quotes from you, girl! ;)


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