Sunday, October 26, 2014

LeClaire, Illinois~Second Quad Cities Adventure, Day One

Hey guys! Been awhile. What with the move and the family trip, then playing catch up, well, I've been quite busy. I've been getting well settled, and I applying for jobs again, thank goodness, now that I'm in a position to dedicate myself to one again. My top hopeful is Starbucks. Fingers crossed!

  Finally, to share the family trip to the Midwest! We went back to Illinois to see the fall colors, and see family again. The autumn colors did not disappoint either. So, over the next few days I'll be sharing all the different things that we did, and the shots I took of scenic beauty over the Mississippi. (Whenever someone says scenic beauty, aside from the literal meaning, I have a scene in my head from OUAT where someone says it and sounds rather goofy. One of the reasons why I use it).  

    As for news, I plan on doing two more giveaways this year, one around Thanksgiving, and one around Christmas. So keep an eye out for the prizes I'll be providing! And I am again selling on both Etsy and Ebay, with tons of new gorgeous things being put up! Here's a couple pieces:

purple pearl stack bracelets

natural handmade shell necklace

medallion fashion necklace

  Without anymore ado, here's the pics of the trip! Enjoy! These are of our first day, shortly after we finally got to the hotel. We're so lucky that it's right next to the river. It's the same one we stayed at earlier this year. Beautiful setting, honestly.

hotel front leclaire illinois

hotel front leclaire illinois

centennial bridge leclaire illinois
leclaire illinois river houses

leclaire illinois river houses

autumn colors leclaire illinois

riverfront leclaire illinois

mississippi river leclaire illinois

speedboat hovercraft pic
I found this so cool--looks like a hovercraft, or something from StarWars. ;)

hotel river view leclaire illinois

  That's it of the first day at Le Claire! Hope you enjoyed the post, and more is on the way!

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

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