Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Things That Will Be Coming

  Well, the giveaway is finished! Congrats to the winners Brittany, Karen, and Amanda! And thank you to those who participated!! Doing giveaways is very fun, and I'm planning another in time for the holidays. What fun! Keep an eye out for that!

  Autumn is definitely here. It feels wonderful. And so much has happened the last couple weeks, my head is still whirling, and it's not even finished. I'm really hoping that this move to another place will open up some job opportunities, and by this time next year I'll be saving for a place of my own. And for a car. Let me tell you, it's very inconvenient not having a car. But all in the Lord's timing--I'm willing to work hard and just be grateful for things to happen as they will. As long one is always working hard toward their goal, there's no fault in how long it takes.

  I'm making progress in my personal projects. Been embroidering and sewing, keeping my hands busy. My ebay auction has finished, but I'll be starting again later this year, when things have quieted down. In October one of my articles will appear in another edition of Femnista, a great magazine created by Charity Bishop. I had a previous article published in it in the August edition, about the movie The Patriot. I'm going to be getting more writing done over the next few days. Hopefully some real progress will be made. One never knows what will remain in the end, during revisions. And when is the time to stop? Now that is a good question.

  I'll be working towards making my poetry book A Road to Count My Days By available in print through Createspace, in a couple months. Hopefully before the year is out it will be available!

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte


  1. Congrats winners! It's great that you're able to have the patience to sew and embroid! I love your blog xx

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thank you! And yes, sewing and embroidering can demand a lot of patience at times. Thankfully I've gotten better at it. As a good example, the first cross stitch project I took up cost me so much trouble, overall it took me almost ten years to finish it. It was somewhat intricate, and I kept messing up and running out of thread. Only finished it last year. Or was it the beginning of this year? Agh, who knows.... ;)


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