Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Downright Gorgeous--All That Needs To Be Said

  Not much needs to be said...my garden is GORGEOUS, and I'm sharing the pics with you today! Enjoy!

yellow white rose
My rosebush--named Emrys. It's quite a lovely, spunky rosebush. Funny story though--I couldn't figure out the scent at first. I kept smelling it, going by--thinking it reminded me of a sort of candy. Finally the revelation. "Oh, you idiot! It's called White Licorice for a reason!" It smells like black licorice. Got a good laugh.

gerbera flowers

gerbera flowers

yellow white rose

sunflower garden

white cyclamen
My white cyclamen and...impatiens. I'm looking forward to how it will look once they're big.

summer/fall garden flowers

tiny petunias
This was the best flower combination that I've seen in the cute ladybug pot.

coneflower pictures
These are planted by the sunflowers.

royal purple gladiolus

royal purple glads

royal purple gladiolus
The color is just simply stunning--I just couldn't get enough of it. I need to get a dress in this color.

balloon flower

white rose vase

orange red pansies
You can just barely make out the lavender-pink petunias they were planted with. Aren't they lovely?

summer garden picture

pink gladiolus

  Just wanted to share the loveliness. ;)

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte


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