Monday, March 3, 2014

The Challenge of My Life's Race

 In the wake of the last giveaway, I'm wondering what everything I'm doing will add up to in the future. Which things proved worthwhile, which things led to a dead end, or even as they gave a little back (or not) they taught me something that helped me keep striving, just in a slightly different direction. Because it's easy to feel like all the time and expense (one and the same, sometimes) isn't going to add up to anything real. Not going to get you anything resembling that which you were striving for. But then, of course, we get some hope again, and the cycle repeats. I do believe it makes us stronger, as long as we continue with the desire to keep on, and learn all we can. It's just that the going is long and tedious when we'd really like the fruit of our labors now. Not the crumbs. It's the blessings along the way that show some promise that there may indeed be a bigger harvest along the road, and it's those times of blessings that make it worthwhile.

 personal inspiration quotes  So, whether with my shop, my writing, or just my plain desire to get out on my own--the little bits along the way help to keep my chin up. And there's no going back, because backwards doesn't promise anything. I know for certain I'll die in the traces before turning back. Actually I'll die in the traces anyway, because I'm one to just keep striving until my life is spent, no matter what I've accomplished. There's always the next thing. Something I know for certain about myself. It's not in my nature to surrender, or to find the satisfaction that makes me kick back and get lazy, even in my times of weakness. I'm always on the run. My fuel is the challenge of the race. I've already given years to things that have not yet quite yielded their fruit, and my stubborn determination is no less lacking. In the down moments I crash harder than I used to, because one does get tired. But we get back up again. I get back up again. Perhaps not very prettily, but the road of life takes grit and guts. We're going to get dirty.

personal inspiration quotes  And in the end we'll end up looking like a gladiator. Or a filthy bum, if we took the lazy path. I hope I look like a fighter. Because I have many things to accomplish. Many things I want to do. I want to make my shop successful. I want to create things that people will cherish, that will remind them of things they love. I want to be an author that gives stories that change people's hearts. I want to make movies that make people laugh and cry, and go back to their lives having learned something deep and good. I want to finally reach my fitness goals, and fall in love with the strength of my own body. I want to travel the world, get to know its people, and see what they teach me. The world is so big and life is so unimaginably wide and wondrous, that I want it to use me as a messenger and conductor of that magnificence. I pray to God every night that I will achieve my dreams. I don't want to be on my deathbed, looking back over the years and feel like they had accomplished too little. The waste of a life has to be one of the most horrible crimes. Life is an incredible power.

  So here's to taking on the challenge, and walking the line. May we be the fighters that can hold our heads high in the end.


P.S. I also need to mention that the winner of the giveaway is Sara Hughes. Congrats, Sara!!

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  1. Very well written. You make me proud. ~ Mama


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