Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How Mozart Taught Me a Very Interesting New Word


crazy mozart

I am sure every one of you has a story of a misconception about a word, that you learned as a kid. I was just thinking of one of my own stories a moment ago. (And this is just an off the cuff post--simply meant for laughing). It's amazing how a kid's imagination can give a whole new meaning or perception to something or someone.

  This is how I learned a new word, at age 11.

  I asked mom if I could get some books about Mozart. I was wanting to start studying the classic composers. (I liked to study different things--my curiosity knows no bounds).

  Mom: "I don't know about Mozart...maybe Beethoven. Mozart was a womanizer."

  New word! Blankly, me: "What's a womanizer?"

  Mom: "It's a man that chases women."

 "He chases women?"


  "Oh." Silent thinking. I walk away, picturing a skinny wild man in a white wig chasing a horde of terrified women down the street. And I think, "Mozart must have been a horrible, crazy man."

I have no idea when I learned the right meaning to the word. Nothing like a past celebrity to act as figure to the meaning of a word. We never forget it. ;D

  Oh, and by the way, reading about different. The crazy man had a thing for married women, it really seems like.

If you have a story to share, please tell me! I'd love to hear it!!

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

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  1. My funny word stories involve mispronunciations. I did a lot of reading and not a lot of talking during school. I think my close friends just rolled with whatever came out of my mouth.

    During my senior year of high school, I worked in a publications class on the school newspaper and yearbook. I forget what I was reading out loud at the time, but I assume it was someone's newspaper article. I came across the word facade. I'd seen this word a million times in books and pronounced it just the way it was written.


    My classmate gave me this incredulous look and said, "You mean 'va-sa-odd'?"

    I didn't the issue. I had heard that word before too. I said "Don't they mean the same thing?"

    No, no TK, they do not. And that is how I learned how to pronounce the word facade.

    1. Whoa--did your mama ever hear of that incident? I MIGHT have kept that one to myself...I wonder what my mom would have thought. And said. Well. That is definitely funny! Thanks for sharing! (Now I have a scene from The Christmas Story going through my head)! ;D

  2. Try Vivaldi...he was a priest, I believe. :D

    Be glad you didn't ask what hermaphroditic meant. That was me.

    1. what does it mean? Oh, guess I'll have to do it the hard way and look it up. I have heard some of Vivaldi's music. Lovely!


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