Friday, November 8, 2013

Autumn In Still Frame~ Gone With the Wind

  It's been longer than I expected. I've been bumping around, trying to get things done. You should see the state of my book bag! And shelves! I'm such a glutton when it comes to books...a horrid, obvious, glutton for punishment. And with all my bumping around, I realized I really should make a shirt that looks like those overpass signs for semis that say, "Over this -- tall do not enter", instead putting "no entrance hips wider than --". Look to the funny things of life. And hey--I might be bumping things, but I'd really rock a salsa dress. Curves are to be appreciated. Now, if only I HAD a salsa dress. And had a dance to go to...and someone to dance with. Wink wink.

  One of the books I got from the library is On the Road to Tara: The Making of Gone With the Wind. I am SO excited! I'm a big fan of the movie. I hope to have a lot to share with you guys soon about the book, and whatever related goodies I might have to share. Definitely some pictures...whatever I can find! And perhaps some pieces on Vivien Leigh.

  As a closing bit:

  Autumn has been so beautiful. I just wanted to share these pictures with you.

autumn leaf pictures

autumn leaf picture

autumn tree colors

autumn tree colors

autumn tree colors

autumn morning

autumn red flowers

autumn yellow leaves

  I hope you enjoyed all these! Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. I'm not much of a cold person, but I just adore the changing of the colors, and the coming of the holidays. Such a great time of year. With some pretty lovely desserts too....

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

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