Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gunshot BORED

This evening I was looking around, wondering what to do with my time, and it occurred to me that I was bored. Genuinely bored. I hate being bored. I always find a way to occupy myself, but I realized that this evening I just wanted to have something spontaneous happen. Be amused. And it made this clip from Sherlock pop in my head, because it fit me exactly--only difference, is that I actually don't have a gun. I would really have a lot more fun if I did. I could paint all sorts of faces on my wall and have my go at them. Man, I imagine that'd be so satisfying...decent therapy.

  Just the first few seconds. I found this clip on youtube. Sherlock clips are a good antidote to boredom--at least they have a greater effect than just listening to the radio or studying the strange elements growing underneath your nails. (Well, sometimes that's more interesting, depending). The difference between Sherlock as an antidote and these regular things, well, is like the difference between milk chocolate and 70% percent dark cocoa. (More cocoa/Sherlock, more punch).

  Unfortunately, I do not (yet) have any Sherlock dvds on my shelf. I really need to hustle in some extra moolah. This is a domestic tragedy.

  But, in the meantime...I will read and write and listen the the radio until my brain turns to goo and drains out, and Sherlock comes to take a sample of the intriguing anomaly.

  Oh, and by the way, we had our first frost. Hail the oncoming of winter. I think it's safe to say that we can expect the flowers to start dying down presently.

frosted lawn

frosted lawn

frosted lawn

  That's it for now. Except for some very exciting news...

I got my first sale!!!

  That's it for now. For real. But hey, I saved the best for last. Oh, and I retract what I said about the radio. Radio is awesome. ;D Not many definite near-future plans for the shop as of yet--a lot depends on me getting a job. So please--be a pal and pray for me! 

  As always, I love hearing from you guys. You can drop me a line whenever you need to--you'll find a girlfriend who'll listen. 

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

Something I was thinking about is how easy it is to be satisfied and cheery when things are going pretty much your way--but how much worth is in it if you can't say that you had a good attitude even when things were going hard? I hope tomorrow I do better job. Tomorrow is another day. ;) 
  (Sorry, I had to include that).

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