Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Catching My Morning Blessings, and Sharin' Em

  I have been gone for awhile. Sorry. Been catching up on some things, trying to get back into a pattern. (A system that seems to be in constant evolution, doesn't it?) Been brainstorming new ideas for my writing, getting some quilt fabric cut and sewn together. Trying to make a dent in my hoard of quilting projects. It's amazing how much stuff I have going on! But that's me, all over the place. Just ask my family. ;D

  I couple things I wanted to make sure to share was this cool giveaway going on over at Christian Bookshelf Review for The Heiress of Winterwood, by Sarah E. Ladd. It sounds very interesting, and is on my library list. If you're a fan, or love giveaways (who doesn't? Who am I kidding?), or just want something new to check out, hop on over!

  A second thing I wanted to share is this recipe that I came across from Beyond the Peel, a site on healthy eating that I've recently found. It was for a dessert (yes, it possibly sounds sad that the first thing I'm sharing from a healthy site is a dessert!) that really reminded me of the chocolate dessert I had at The Prado, in San Diego. I'm definitely saving this for when I can make it myself! Just the picture itself looks so yummy. It's a chocolate tart with stewed cherries. Doesn't that just sound yum?! Here is the link to the recipe. Plenty of pictures!

  Something beautiful that happened was that yesterday morning I was doing my morning chores, and decided to check on my garden. There were so many things hanging around my sunflowers, and it was just beautiful. Bumble bees, hover flies (they look like a cross between bees and flies), butterflies, moths--there is this one that I can't remember the name of, but it reminds me of a hummingbird. I got an incredible picture of it! And others. One of the reasons I love gardening so much, is that there are all these visitors you get. It's like a tiny little world, with different characters. Perhaps that's my more romantic, imaginative side, but I get so much enjoyment out if it. It's wonderful! I hope you like the pictures. One of my dreams is to make a children's series, inspired by this painting I saw on Etsy once. It reminded me of one of my favorite childhood books, The Mother's Day Mice. It was SO CUTE. Little details in the illustrations that just made looking at the pictures fascinating, and the style was endearing, and the storyline was sweet. But--that's for the future. I have quite enough on my plate right now, and I'd be MAD to take another story on seriously. ;)

  Here are the pictures from the garden. And I'll try not to be so much of a stranger--try to be more timely with my posting.

bumble bee flower pic
Bumble bees are so adorable! I just love them!

bumble bee flower pic
Caught it zooming off. Pretty cool.

black and red jumping spider
I just adore jumping spiders. They're so cute!

Just look at those cute eyes! Wish the resolution was better though. Perhaps next time.

monarch butterfly lilac pic
I'm not sure if this is a monarch or a viceroy--they can look very alike. Will have to consult my little sister's butterfly book. But isn't this a nice shot?

monarch butterfly lilac pic
I was so excited to get a closer shot. Realized it's wings were torn--looks like a cat tried to grab it or something. But doesn't it look like it still showing its glorious self off?

hummingbird moth pic
Although I know it's called something else, I just can't remember, mentally I call this a hummingbird moth. They're so interesting. I love watching them. And I was so excited to be able to catch such a good picture of it! For once. ;)

grasshopper hiding picture
Kind of looks like he's casing out the joint. I like grasshoppers--but I don't like what they've done to my pacific beauties. I'll have to enact some garden laws. ;D

orb weaver garden spider
My sister pointed this out to me--I was excited. Only occasionally do I see these in the garden. This beauty can stay! (And eat some of those grasshoppers perhaps).

white iris pic
I was surprised to see my irises beginning to bloom again. So pretty! Such a lovely white.

autumn cosmos
More cosmos.

autmun cosmos
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garden orb weaver pic
Close up. Perhaps I'll use this pic for sketch reference. I like using photos to increase my artwork skill. Much easier. ;D

Trying to get some autumn sprouts going...these are taking their time. Hopefully I'll get some impatiens and johnny jump up...but we'll see.

That's my garden photos for now. Heaven knows I'll be back. Gardens are a simple, but wonderful pleasure. A beautiful mystery. Certainly good for a bad day--just go out with a book and sit in the garden. Quite a tonic. (To top it off, it's advisable to bring chocolate cake). ;D

  I hope you guys had fun! Tell me what you think! I hope to be posting again in the next couple days. Oh, just to let you guys know, the Bud is doing much better. Trying to keep him from licking too much, so he doesn't have to wear a cone all day, but still he's doing well. Thanks for your prayers!

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

P.S. BIG NEWS! Starbucks as the Pumpkin Spice Latte out early! At least at mine. Lucky me. ;D I certainly hope yours does too!  

  Sing it, Pumpkin latte pumpkin latte...hallelujah!

...I am such a goof.



  1. Amazing shots of the butterfly with the purple flowers.
    Sounds like you're as busy as I am.

    Shelby Z.

  2. Thank you! I was so thrilled to be able to get these shots. And yep--we're both definitely busy!


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