Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn Resolutions and Happy Dances

  Fall is here! Fall is here! I'm so happy. And I've been spending the day as happy as a puppy working on my scrapbook while eating chocolate and watching Pride and Prejudice. What a lovely day! And I got a lot of work done on the scrapbook and am so excited with how it's turning out. Happy dance. And I'll have to say it again--Autumn is here!

  The past couple days have been interesting. Having been off work for a month, I've been feeling a bit crazy and restless. Like a lazy bum. And of course, I'm sure the strained bank account has something to do with me feeling like a need to get out there. But I've been praying a lot and thinking of what to do with myself. It's easy to just feel like I'm stuck.

  But after praying about it and wracking my brain, thinking of ways to apply myself. I realized what I needed was a battle plan. And it's strange how something can feel special, like a new page, simply because the idea feels right. Maybe because it is something tangible to aim for--apply yourself towards. But for me--I figured out what I wanted to do, and I'm aiming for it. I'm asking around at travel sites I've been looking if they'd mind me a guest posting a request for other women's travel stories for inspiration. I'm going to strive to finish my romcom by the end of the year, edit and revise over the winter, and plug it like crazy through Authonomy--if I'm lucky, perhaps the board will like it. That is my aim. BUT--either way, I'm still going to publish through Kindle.

  Second aim--I've been reading up on health and exercise, and although I can't control every aspect of my diet (wouldn't it be awesome if I had a HUGE vegetable garden and I could just go out and grab some tomatoes and have lunch. (I LOVE fresh tomatoes with salt. They're awesome. And homegrown tomatoes are the absolute best), I'm learning about how strength training effects the body. So--my second plan--and it's not really a plan, as much as a new endeavor. New regimen. I don't care how long it takes. I'm going to burn the extra baggage, sweat it out, use for lamp oil. Okay, yeah, that' s a bit much. I'm not a whale. I'm eager to see how toned I can get. I'm naturally strong anyway, but it'll be interesting to see how much bigger I can get my biceps, etc. (Pioneer women must have had incredible biceps). 

  So that's me. Fishing for stories, gunnin' to write one, whippin' it up for Authonomy--looking forward to the holidays. And bustin' my muscles into shape. Here's to getting it done. Yehaw! (Sorry, I just had a vision of a cowboy victory yell. Had to add it).

 Oh, and another thing is that I've discovered how funny Chesterson is. A man who compares England and art to white chalk. I'm certainly enjoying reading what a guy who has been dead for -- years had to say, in ways that are both comical and strange. Chesterson is the definition of original, I think. I'm reading In Defense of Insanity.

  Oh, AND my British buddy was telling me that Downton Abbey will be showing next month in England! It just made me think of how soon (although I don't know exactly how soon, I'll have to look it up) I'll be able to see the next season! Whew! Makes me think of having happy days of Downton and making something. There's just something about shows with great costumes that always make me want to be creative. Or just sit and have a great yum yum. Like chocolate. Or chocolate mousse cake. Hot cocoa. Oh, that makes me think of that chocolate mousse pie I saw online the other day...saw that gorgeous picture and I was like "OH HO HO! Hello lovely!" Where was that...?

  Anyway. ;)

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte


  1. OH YAY! Man, wish I could watch it with you. Wouldn't that be awesome? Hop over to England just to visit and watch Downton with my buddy--sounds awesome! ;D

  2. Reading through this it makes me think of my thought process lately! Wishing you the best with everything. && the vegetable garden, yes! That would be so much fun & handy. :)

    1. Thanks! Wish the same for you, with what you're trying to accomplish.


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