Friday, September 27, 2013

Autumn Evenings and Aztec Dreams

  There is something about an Autumn evening that makes you slow down and dream. The warm, drowsy shades of green and sunset oranges made me go outside, look at my garden. My pacific beauties are coming back, which is nice. They'll complement the red and yellow zinnias nicely. Hopefully. The zinnias actually got a lot taller than I expected. One thing that was a nice surprise is a stranger flower that's growing in my pansies which I thought must have been something accidentally slipped into the seed packet. It didn't look like a weed. It turned out to be petunia. But it's so pretty! I had tried to grow some early this spring, but had died. So this was a nice surprise! Although I felt stupid a bit, afterward. I should have recognized the leaves. What was the best surprise was how much prettier it was than the white ones we had last year! And just so you know, I'm not just talking about garden flowers today. I have something pretty interesting later on that I'm sharing....

purple pink petunia

purple pink petunia
Those smaller sprouts are the pansies. I've been finding black tiny caterpillars munching on them. Boo.

These pansies are in better condition...still worrying if they'll bloom this year though. Last year I planted some, and they didn't bloom until spring. I planted these in May or June...they seem to take a long time to grow. But those other sprouts...those are my mascara. Apparently the autumny change makes them think it's spring.

autumn zinnias picture
Cherry Queen zinnia. Quite tall and pretty. I'm considering just doing zinnias next year, in this plot. It would look so nice, under the window, considering how tall they actually get. The first zinnias I ever planted (and the first flowers I ever planted actually, I was nine--no, ten) got only about a foot tall, with many vibrant colors. They must be their giant cousins.

autumn zinnias pictures
The zinnia plot, with a stray four o'clock and the pacific beauties. They're hidden at the moment..well, you can see them on the left edge. I'll be showing them in a minute.

autumn wildflower bouquet
My wild sunflowers, pacific beauties, and zinnias. They make a nice autumn centerpiece. I need to clip some more....

autumn wildflower bouquet
Pacific beauty there.

autumn cosmos
Cosmos. Got one really fiery colored one a couple weeks ago, but it was swiftly gone. Cosmos don't last long! At least it seemed that way...maybe because it was so pretty....

white iris

This just came up as I was taking pictures! I was so excited! Apparently it's called a Privet Hawk Moth. I love these. They remind me of hummingbirds.

You know, I think my garden should be called The Garden Diner. Or The Flower Dive. It's become an insect restaurant. I love it.

Moonflowers and four o'clocks still going. I can see the signs though....they're getting ready for their rest.

I just really liked this close up. You can see its eyes!

I kept taking pictures, trying to get the tone and shade of this butterfly. This is the best one. Isn't it cute? I don't know what it's called. I just think they're pretty and adorable.

iris heart
This is the heart of my iris...doesn't it look like a fairy could really just go to sleep in here? Yes, I'm whimsical. I love imagining fairies and little goblins jumping about.

My impatiens. They're doing better, but still have a way to go. Hopefully they'll bloom soon! In time to complement the other flowers. These will be orange. Baby Orange. I had hoped to pair them with johnny jump up--but they didn't survive. Bother.

iris heart
Picture bending down and peering in, and seeing a fairy wake up and look at you in astonishment. What a thought!

That's all of my pictures for now. Many are still going strong, others are feeling the call of autumn. In the meantime, I'll still tend them, encourage them to bloom for just a little while longer. Oh, and I need to water today.

  But something that often happens as I'm in my garden, feeling the grass beneath my feet, is that I imagine myself walking across my very own yard, with my own tea kettle shrieking in my kitchen, with books and perhaps tv programs waiting for me. Or perhaps I'll just shut off the kettle, and take an evening walk under the colors of the deepening shades of dusk. I'd have that choice.

  Granted, I'd still bring a knife or mace. As tranquil and perfect as the country feels to me, heaven knows that less lovely things sometimes have to be dealt with. And I like to be prepared.
Which reminds me...I have a little something to confess. You may or may not know I'm a big Doctor Who fan. But something that I've noticed, and very intriguingly I might add, is that when I'm watching Doctor Who consecutively, I have colorful, wild dreams. Like early yesterday morning. I dreamed I was an Aztec warrior man, in this beautiful place like Machu Picchu. Temples, and green vegetation everywhere. And there were these weasel-like animals that we kept around us, that represented the power of the spirits--they were like a vassal. They both symbolized and were the spirits--and there were good ones, and evil ones--and I remember glancing at some newcomers coming into the village with one, and I thought to myself, "That is an evil spirit". And then I and a lot of other warriors were running this way and that because the newcomers were colonial explorers, and they were invading and shooting muskets. And I got shot as I was trying to hide in a temple alcove! With a musket ball! That's never happened to me before. I remember it feeling uncomfortable...and getting rock bits blown in my face...but I kept running. Then I had to hide in the low vegetation. Shortly after that the dream ended. It was very interesting being an Aztec Warrior man with a spiritual culture, and getting shot with a musket ball. Very interesting.

  But anyway! Just me rambling on about my wild dreams and fantasies. Today I'll be working on my poetry book, A Road to Count the Days By, and hopefully will get plenty of work done. I went to the library yesterday with family, and have my own weight's worth in books. Heaven knows if I'll finish them all. It's my eternal dilemma.

  Time next time, (and hopefully with a frappacino in hand, I'm dying for one)

~ Miss Cocoa Latte


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  2. Oh, thanks! And I'll definitely follow you. I looked at your blog, and it looks interesting. Especially the bit about the natural face mask. I'm always looking into natural things--commercial usually just has a bunch of junk. Kind of cancels out the "good" in it. ;D

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