Wednesday, August 21, 2013


  Hey everyone! I just wanted to share a bunch of flower pictures I've been putting together. I'm always bragging about how pretty it is on the prairie, so I figure it'd be only fair to share the loveliness. The first ones are actually the zinnias and cosmos from my garden--I just had to show you how lovely they look! And butterflies--man, I have such a weakness for watching butterflies and bees going about my flowers. Makes me so happy! And they're so cute! Just this evening I finally spotted one of my favorite tiny butterflies--they're a sheeny gray-blue, and just so cute. Last year they were hanging about my yellow five-petal flowers (have no idea what they were called--mom got them from walmart) in a frenzy, but this evening is the first I've seen one this year! Hopefully I'll be seeing more.

  There is something just so sweet and precious about these little things, like flowers and butterflies and bees.

fall cosmos picture
These I see all the time. ;)

autumn zinnias
My zinnia--in Cherry Queen. I love the color! And these are the first zinnias I've done in years.

pink gladiolus picture
My last glad. Isn't it gorgeous??

These are taken from my morning walk around the fields.

cactus flower pictures
Cactus flower. They are incredibly beautiful.

desert flower pictures

desert blooms picture

desert blossoms

yellow cactus flower pics

yellow cactus bloom

desert cactus flowers
white prairie flowers pics

white desert flowers
I have no idea what these are, but I find them so pretty.

yellow prairie flowers
Sometimes I see these. Sometimes in purple, I think.

These are "commonly" called hog potato--took me forever to find their name! I call them Prairie Stars. They also have a pretty, formal name--hoffmanseggia. So pretty. These are my favorite wildflowers! They smell so nice!

morning prairie flower pic
morning prairie flower pics

prairie flower fields

morning prairie flowers

yellow desert flower pics

  Hope you all enjoyed them! Aren't we blessed to live in such a beautiful world?

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte


  1. Beautiful flowers! I love zinnias! The flower that you said "I have no idea what these are, but I find them so pretty." - we have them in our yard, it's a "weed" we call plantain (Plantago major) and we use it on stings and bites. Bruise the leaf (I usually just chew it a little) and place on the bite. It draws out the venom/toxin.
    Your pictures are great! I particularly like the third-to-last picture, with the yellow flowers illuminated by the sun.

  2. Thank you! I love taking the pictures. I really need to get another memory stick to save them all...I'm hopeless. ;) And I'll have to remember that interesting little medicinal tidbit! Thanks for the info!

  3. Lovely photos! The ones at sunset are the best.

  4. Thanks! I really enjoy getting the effects I want, trying different angles. It can have such a nice end result--and then other times, not so much.

  5. Those pics are so pretty! Very different wildflowers than what we have in Michigan!

    1. What are yours like? I like collecting new flowers (or more of common ones, ha ha) and drying them in my journal. Some of my journals are rather stuffed.

  6. I love flowers and butterflies, they are so lovely. Your photos are very nice :)


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