Sunday, August 11, 2013

Passport To Europe, and Simon and Garfunkel

I just got in from doing a bit of gardening. My fall sprouts have been coming up, and I needed to thin a few--but I just put them in other pots, since the sprouts in those didn't come up.  Whew! I've been busy. I've had a long weekend, and have put it to good use--half of it unintended. Computer work. But got through it, and got a good day's work of writing done--on my epic. I hadn't touched it in awhile, and needed to get back to it. It was so refreshing, and the time lapse gave me a good time away to come back with fresher eyes.

  Lately as I've been working (either writing to blog-related things, etc.) I've been watching these travel episodes that I came across on Amazon Prime. Passport To Europe. They're very cute and fun, although not the absolute greatest, and I've learned some very interesting facts that I didn't know before. Like this place in Bavaria (I believe) actually has these cottagey old houses decorated on the outside with illustrations of old fairytales! It was so cute, and unexpected. Very picturesque. It wasn't just things like that. Learning about different foods, different customs--it was so intriguing. And as can be expected, just feeds my list of places to check out. (Especially Bavaria, because Samantha, the host, found a place that sold apple strudels and I could tell by her helpless face that it was "heaven in the extreme, weak in the knees" GOOD. That's my phrase for it, and I knew that face. I want an authentic apple strudel. And it was big! Like a log, sprinkled with powdered sugar! It looked so good!! But looking at all these people, and all these delicious looking on earth do they stay looking so healthy? Maybe they just don't worry about it--maybe pounds come from stress. ;D

  Anyway, that's the most exciting thing I have to tell you. I have some review work coming up, and hopefully I'll have some writing to share with you before long. But if you'd like some picture updates of my garden, (my beautiful, lovely garden) here's some.

orange cosmos pic
Cosmos--it was supposed to be a mix of a fiery orange AND yellow--my blooms are coming either or! "Fiery Sunset" indeed. Well, they still look nice.

bumble bee sunflower pic
This little guy was waiting for the morning to get warm. Bees are so cute. I love bees. So proud when they're buzzing everywhere--but this year they aren't do that so much. Last year bees and other insects were all over my flowers....

cosmos pic
My other cosmos. Well.

pink four o clocks pic
This was a surprise--my four o'clocks started blooming peachy blooms! Instead of just neon pink/purple or white. Lovely shade.

  Oh! Forgot some really exciting news. I got my Paul Simon music books in! WHOO HOO! Look at me, geekin' out over my music books. I was flippin' out happy when I got my vintage Simon and Garfunkel music book. It's awesome. I have a music book from the '60's now. ;D

simon and garfunkel music books

  I think I just might finish my day with writing in my journal, drinking my iced coffee, and watch some Passport episodes. I wonder, when I'm done with these, what I'll find next? 

  I'll be posting again soon. Lots on my mind, trying to remember and organize them. The works. 

  Enjoy your awesome days, guys--life is incredibly big. ;)

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

P.S. I'll be doing a review of How To Travel the World on $50 a Day by Nomadic Matt soon. I've been really enjoying this awesome book!

  Oh, almost forgot! I can't believe I almost forgot this. I just recently finished The 360 Degree Heart, a poetry book by Maja Dezulovic. It was awesome! Here's the link.


  1. So lovely post!
    Paul Simon is one of my favorite singer!

  2. Very nice pictures of flowers for very good singers...

  3. Thank you!

    And Paul Simon IS awesome! ;D

  4. Gorgeous flowers!
    New follower here :)

    -Allie @ LunaVida


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