Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review for hoop-La Custom Vintage Earrings

  Those of you who have been following me for a few months will know that I've done a team giveaway with Le Chateau Des Fleurs, another fun blog. I enjoy dropping by, browsing through the fashion things, seeing what is up. (One fun thing is this pic of a nail job--interesting. I've never done anything fancier than the occasional plain coat of nail polish, but I've seen some designs that I thought were really cool. Here's one instance).
  But my purpose in sharing this today is that I've joined her group of review bloggers, for this and that. I was given a choice, and I chose to review earrings from hoop-La Vintage Earrings. I looked through them, and I liked many, but what I liked most were....

hoop la vintage earrings

  The Faye earrings. These I liked very much. Here is the link to their modeled pic. I love these types of earrings. They're so lovely with casual nice outfits. A simple top with a bit of flair, and regular jeans. (It really is amazing how much of a knockout one can look with simple flair). They would go prefect with my own blue long sleeved top--it has a southwestern chic look. These would be the perfect touch...maybe I should go ahead and buy them...I've been very strict with my money, paying for advertizing and saving for a good guitar. But just maybe I'll splurge.

Ah well I can decide later.

 Comment and share what you'd wear with it! Casual? A touch to something a bit fancier, perhaps for an evening date? 

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

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