Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Jewelry Items!

  I had this post almost all done--and then it failed to save. Even though I clicked save. Figure that. What a nice computer.
  Well I have been busy--got in a new order of jewelry supplies for some items I wanted to do before, but did not have the last couple materials for. I still have a few things left, to finish the bracelets I wanted to do for the Bermuda Blue collection. Speaking of which, I hope that you've all had a chance to enter the giveaway for one of the Bermuda Blue necklaces! It will be ending in a couple days, so be sure to get in within that time, if you've not yet had a chance to enter yet.
  Here are the pics if have of the items I have been able to put together so far!

gold shell drop earrings
I really like how these turned out. I've been wanting to do earrings like these for awhile, using the shell pendants!

Here is a farther view, to better show size.

gold shell drop earring

african dangle earrings
These are earrings I wanted to do for the African Nomad collection. I think they color scheme is nice. What do you guys think?

gold shell dangle earrings
These are my favorites. I love the soft tones!

gold shell dangle earrings

african elephant necklace
Okay, this is an original I did a couple years ago. The malaysia olive beads were a lighter shade than what I'd seen on the site, but they worked out well--this time around they turned out the regular dye color, and I'm not sure about it...I rather like it, but I'm not sure if the original is better.

african elephant necklace
What do you think? They didn't have the serpentine oval beads, so I chose wooden beads. I like the effect. But the malaysia olive beads are so dark, they're almost black. Do you think it still looks sharp? Which is better?

african elephant necklace
Here's a close up of the malaysia olive beads. They are a beautiful shaded color, actually....

african elephant bracelet
Here is a bracelet for the collection. I really like it. ;)

  That's all I have for the moment. I have my work cut out for me for the week. I've been typing away at my romcom story, and it's going pretty well. Looks like I'll be able to manage getting it finished in time for next spring. My fall garden planting was also just finished this morning, so hopefully thin the next couple months I'll have new flowers to show pictures of.

  Also, due to time increasingly being harder to manage, I'm going to single weekly posts. Just thought to let you know!


  1. You have really come a long way! I love all the patterns, especially the African beads with the elephants.

  2. Glad you like them! I'm immensely proud, myself. So excited about these designs! Maybe their prettiness will prove too much for customers? ;D


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