Sunday, July 28, 2013

Katherine Hepburn--Putting Out a Fire Stark Naked

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   I have a question. And this relates to the Katherine Hepburn autobiography that I just read. How many of you would immediately put a book on your read list after hearing that in one incident, a woman had jumped out of the bath to save her husband who had just caught on fire? Because Hepburn did just that, and it was one of the best parts of the entire book.

  Excerpt: (this part is when she's talking about her and her husband's first place)

   "I never got very close to anyone in the theatre or movies. I suppose it was because I was a member of a big family and I always tried to get enough sleep. It sounds odd today when people say "What was he [or she] like?" and I have to answer I honestly don't know. But there it is. 
  Oh--one terrible thing happened there. I had been in all afternoon. It was cold. I'd been burning a fire. Luddy usually go thome at about five-thirty. I went in to take a tub--I heard Luddy come in. "Hi--hi!"
  All of a sudden I heard: "Kate! Kate! Come here!" His tone of voice made me leap out of the tub. I rushed in. Luddy was in flames--a trail of flames to the fireplace. The kerosene can in Luddy's hand burning and he couldn't drop it. I was stark naked. I belted Luddy in the stomach, knocked him down, grabbed a throw rug, smothered the fire on Luddy and knocked the kerosene can out of his poor hand--yelled, Fire!
  The house was entirely inhabited by men--one by one, they rushed in--and put out the fire on the floor, etc. I stood up. Luddy's fire was out--the front of his suit coat and pants was burned. He had apparently come in, put logs on the fire--he took the kerosene can and then threw some on the fire and the fire exploded. He jumped back and spalshed the kerosene over this front and on the floor. 
  I was still stark naked and unaware, and telling everyone what to do, when a young man rushed in to help and was frozen in his tracks. I rushed into the bathroom, "Oh! Pardon me--" 
  Luddy was O.K. He had third-degree burns but was O.K.

That just had me rolling. Reading Katherine Hepburn's autobiography was awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed it. She was such an adventurer--she really lived life. Found it a joy. She always claimed she got luck, when it came to getting famous--but a lot of it was because she had the fire to work hard, and do WHAT SHE LOVED. She enjoyed it. That's what makes a lot of people successful. We're attracted to them because they have the courage to be real, to love life. I really wish I could've met her. Perhaps we'll run into each other in the next life. As I've said before, it's a mercy to my mother that we hadn't been children at the same time, and neighbors. ;)

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Me: Stories of My Life is available on Amazon here.

  I just made a wonderful, wonderful discovery. "Downton Abbey Jewelry" is being sold on PBS! And they have so beautiful pieces! Now, if only I can find some dresses...granted, where would I wear them to? Oh, I know--in my room, with a glass of iced coffee, watching the show and fantasizing being able to give some of the characters a few choice words. I'd have a Southern touch for them to remember. ;D Oh, and hugs for the rest. Here's a link to the site, though. Won't keep the joy to myself.

  Just as a tidbit, here is a recipe that I have been using for my iced coffee. I just eye it, mostly--a handful of ice in a glass, fill over it comfortably with water, then add a small loose spoonful of instant coffee, (really depends on what you like), stir well until dissolved, then add two tablespoons evaporated milk, and a tablespoon of chocolate syrup. Stir really well. I love this refreshing beverage. Addicting...very addicting.

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  Share your own fun stories below in the comments! I LOVE hearing them!

~Miss Cocoa Latte


  1. Love Katherine Hepburn!! She's one of my all time favorites!

  2. That is an interesting story, Elora.
    Hey, I notice a cool postcard on your desk behind the coffee. :)

  3. Downton Abbey jewelry!! Now way! I cannot wait to check it out. Now I know exactly what I'm going to get my mother for Christmas :)
    (I know it's only July, but I seriously think that it will make the best gift ever)


  4. Definitely a good gift! I'm putting it on my list too. I usually start planning gifts by this point, simply so I don't have to stress too much. Of course I love Christmas shopping--so if I do find a little something extra I just include that too. So I get a bit of both preparation and savoring the Christmas shopping season. ;D I wonder if the Downton Abbey shop gives them in cute seasonal boxes or something...that would be so nice!

    And Katherine Hepburn WAS awesome. ;)

  5. She was so full of life in her roles. You could just tell she was having fun!

  6. Shelby~
    Oh, I wonder where that came from?? ;D

  7. Love Katherine Hepburn. She was a beautiful soul inside and out. I have not read this book, but what a great story! I am sure all the men in attendance never forgot seeing her naked!

    1. She really was! I love reading about her. She is such a pleasure to learn about. On top of that, she must have been such an incredibly fun person to be around! This particular story will never get old. I still laugh!! Thanks for stopping by, Nikki!


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