Friday, July 19, 2013

I Am A Stubborn...

  I went to the library this morning with the family. And of course, I was thinking, "Just a couple books. I only have a couple weeks." You know what? I should get a special shirt for when I go to the library that says:

 "Just two books...yeah, you're so full of it."

  Perhaps someday I should start a quote shirt business. I have entirely too many good ideas. But perhaps that's just me being easily amused at the stupid things I do. ;D

 I hope you guys had a great time with the Bloglovin' link-up party. Lately I've been working my butt off trying to get things done. As usual. (Huh--another inspiration for a shirt? "Been working my butt off--if only it was literal". Think it'd sell well)?
  Like a lot of people, I get frustrated with not getting much results when I'm putting in the work and the time (and expense). I have a lot of times where I'm ready to beat myself against the wall--go all "Hulk" on everything. I'm just ready for things to change, for me to be able to move forward in life. It has an amazing capacity to make me somewhat bitter--grumpy to say the least.

  Thinking on this, and seeing all that's going on, I realized how easy it is for someone to fall in that "business-obscessed" rut. I looked at my daily life, and saw it to be true. And it could get worse. But one good thing is also true--


  I am so tired of being tired. Being so fired-determined for "now" results. What on earth is worth all this worry and witchy fret? (Merited, slightly--okay, the frustration is merited, not the response). It's literally spoiling the present! And the now is all I have! There's no guarantee for the future. Only what we hope and strive for. 

  What kind of lousy woman am I for letting this spoil my day?

  Pfft! I have better things to do. And there is something else--I feel in my gut that this is the path I am meant to take. I have faith that this is where God wants me to be--what he means for me to strive for. So I have no excuse. I'm a disciplined person (cutting out my Achilles heel for sugar--and no, not the man kind, the regular "cheesecake" kind). I have guts, I have drive. I have faith. So...where is the room for despair and grouchiness? Come on. Have the guts to be happy where you are in the road, because THIS is life. Speaking to myself, meaning. ;D

  Now I think that not only does it take guts to take a leap of faith and strive and work for your dreams--I think it takes enormous guts to be willing to wait for the results for your labor, when life feels so claustrophobic at the moment. It's trial by fire, but life is a glorious fire. Mysterious, incomprehensible. But so big. 
  I just need to keep going. And be willing to let life fill in that space where I'm bitter. Easier said than done, no doubt. But I can say that I'll try. 

Katharine Hepburn quote pic

  To get back to talking about the library, among the various books I got is "The Wizard of Oz" by Frank Baum. Been meaning to read it for awhile--I try to keep myself reading classics. I'll be doing a review on my other blog soon. Next I'm reading "Me: Stories of My Life" by Katherine Hepburn. I haven't seen her in much, but what I've learned of her I like. She seemed to have a natural strength, dignity, and intelligence that I wish I saw more of. But perhaps I'm not extending myself into social life enough, or else I'd see more of it. Who knows. I am going to share how I like the book, so if you like Katherine Hepburn, keep an eye out for that!

Katharine Hepburn popular quote pic

   To end, I just want to say that...I'm going to continue being a stubborn mule. I'm going to strive to enjoy my day, be happy with my circumstances...and I'm going to keep on working my butt off to attain what I want!
  Please share what you're striving to do right now. We need to stick together in this. (And a coffee wouldn't hurt either).

But to lift our spirits, here is a link to one of my favorite songs by Corinne Bailey Rae:

 ~Miss Cocoa Latte


  1. I've always liked your quirky sayings. I could just see you making t-shirts and I would probably buy a few.
    I went to the library last week and figured I would probably get three books just like I have been doing for a few months now, but when I started looking at the shelves I went, "ooh, that looks good and so does that one!" I ended up getting a total of eight books this last time so I have been busy trying to read those, plus a few free ebooks I got off of Amazon. I just discovered that I could download a Kindle PC onto my computer. :D
    Keep your chin up!

  2. Aw, thanks. I try to be witty. I'm starting to think the only fertile environment for wit is spontaneity. And ease. ;D Yep, we're hopeless when it comes to the library. (And Starbucks for me). But yeah! I thought I shared with you about the PC Kindle! Oh shame on me! Had I known you didn't know, I would have told you PROMPTLY.

  3. Yep, I'm going to have to buy your book now. YEAH!

  4. ;D Can't wait to hear what you think. OH, by the way (although I probably shouldn't be saying this...) awhile back I noticed a glaring mistake. Someone I had killed and buried was alive and well later in the book. Had to fix that last year. ;D I was reading, and then I was like..."Hey! Wait a minute! DEAD MAN TALKING!" Had a good laugh over it.

  5. T-shirts with smart sayings on them? Count me in! I like the Katharine Hepburn quotes. I've seen her in a few movies.
    But back to the shirts... They could look quite cool. Maybe add a great picture of the icon who said it on the shirt and match the colours a little. That could be a winner!
    I'm also stubborn. It's good to be stubborn about some things.

  6. I don't think that I could use her image--probably a copyright against it. But it would definitely be a good idea otherwise.

    And yes--it IS good to be stubborn about certain things. Absolutely.

  7. I don't think there are copyrights on some images. Well, you could always find out if you were serious about the idea...


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