Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Treasury Tuesday~Another African Treasury!

I almost forgot that it was Tuesday post time! Glad I didn't. I've been relaxing with chocolate and coffee after a good day's work, so I think that just shows how nice of an evening it's been. Don't you think?

'Where the Elephants Walk II~An Africa Treasury' by ZyrrellsCavern

Another collection of my favorite African-themed items!!

African Print Dashiki Wrap A...

Out of Africa

Women's cotton,African p...

African Adventure. Giraffe w...

Tribal Ethnic African Top si...

African print maxi dress by ...

African Lion Watercolor Pain...

An African Mother's Love...

African Ladies- African Lad...

Pleated African Wax Print Im...

AfrIcan Print Strapless Bead...

Vintage EMBROIDERED African ...

Floral arrangement: Five Tri...

Amira - African American Cam...

Original African inspired be...

Old RSA 1c Coin Africa

  I'm really enjoying this African theme. I love the styles! Such a beautiful dignity about it.

So--other things to catch up on are the fact that:

 A:  I've been getting some work on my fantasy novel done.

B:  Working out the plot of my M&M romcom.

C:  Tending to my shop and facebook page. OH, and--

D:  Generally keeping busy.

  Which includes returning to my guitar practice! Something I'm very happy about. I've been practicing with my "further along" sister, and it's working out pretty well. I have my budget set to where I'll have saved enough by the middle of August to buy this gorgeous blue guitar that I've been drooling over. (Attractive, aren't I)?

  So that pretty much sums it up for the catchin' up! Just yesterday I posted a review on a Paul Simon bio on my other blog, Pendragon, if you'd like a look. Have I ever said how much I idolize Paul Simon? No? Well I just must be on another planet then.

  Don't forget about the giveaway coming July 1st!! Mark your calendars!

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

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