Thursday, June 6, 2013

Night Life Treasury~Zoo Pictures

  I DESPERATELY need some spicy chocolate! How I wish the good Lord would just make it rain from heaven like manna! And yes yes, I'm late again. I know. I have just started my new summer job and things are being juggled around. I am very happy though, and I hope with the extra finances I will be able to order some more jewelry supplies soon and put up new items. And of course share designs on here! But to share what I promised previously—a treasury and some zoo pictures! And DON'T forget to let me know what you think!

'Summer Night Life' by ZyrrellsCavern

Favorite summer looks for a girl's night out!

Custom Handmade Sexy Red V N...

Bermuda Blue Swarvoski dangl...

1 Pair of Temporary Tattoo f...

Bermuda Blue Swarvoski Dangl...

One Shoulder Dress with a Wa...

SI-325-GD / 2 Pcs - Marquise...

24k Gold Plated Eyelash Jewe...

Vintage tribal brass necklac...

The Short Love Me 2 Times Si...

Vintage Egyptian Style Scara...

Rustic Bracelet - Exotic - B...

Feather Ear Cuff - Fire Tige...

Chiffon maxi dress,Pleated ...

1 Pair of Temporary Tattoo T...

Gold hammered ring drop ring...

Red Roses and Hearts Bracele...

  I had so much fun putting this together! I hope to able to keep this consistent. But as today testifies, I'm not always exactly on time. I do strive though. I would love to hear your comments on the items and arrangements, and your own ideas!

  Now for some zoo pictures! These will mostly consist of some interesting bird pictures, and some excellent photos that I got of the gorillas! I cannot tell you how excited I was to get such good shots!

san diego zoo pictures
You would not believe how fussy and unaccommodating this peacock was being. I tried moving around to get some clear shots, and what does it go and do? Hide perfectly behind another tree trunk!

san diego zoo bird pictures
Aren't this just exotic looking? I thought they were awesome--just fascinating!

san diego zoo bird pictures

san diego zoo bird pictures
Isn't this one just beautiful? I wish I remember what it was called!

gorilla pictures
I was just ecstatic to catch shots of this gorilla as it slept--it made such an adorable picture!
gorilla pictures

gorilla pictures

gorilla pictures

gorilla pictures
The one on the right just came up at a run and plopped himself (or herself) right down, and startled the other one. It was so funny!

gorilla pictures
gorilla pictures

   Well, I can tell you that getting to see the gorillas was a real treat. The first visit, last year, we didn't get to see them! It was in that afternoon, so they were in the shade. I certainly don't blame them. I am definitely putting a lot of these in my vacation scrapbook! (If ever I am able to actually get around to it...).

  Just to catch up with what I'm doing, I am trying to put together my next jewelry supply order. I have a list of designs that I want to do next, my elephant necklace among them. I'm so excited to finally be able to start prep of getting them into my shop! My elephant necklace has long been one of my favorite designs. I just adore it, and I really do wear it all the time. Can't wait when the time comes, so I have more designs to share with you!
  Otherwise, work is as normal--hoping to get a detailed plot-line for my M&M romcom. I have recently been able to get another scene down, inspired by a conversation between my sister and I. It was so hilarious I had to use, I'm not sharing it here. You'll have to wait until the book is out! But I will say it had to do with the ridiculousness of some of Victoria's Secret advertizing, and my idea of alternatives....;D

  Hopefully NEXT week I will be on time with posting! See you later guys! I hope to share our Prado restaurant visit this Saturday, with pictures!

And don't forget, my Shop Opening sale is still going! (Minimum $50 purchase, 20% off)!

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

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