Saturday, June 8, 2013

El Prado, San Diego

Okay! Well look at that. Kept my word. Almost forgot, I confess--spent my first weekend day with family. with sisters fussing over vintage hairdos and makeup. Took much longer than I had has a way of doing that. Hateful, unaccomodating stuff. Thankfully I don't do it too often...not enough patience.

  But enough of that. I'm going to share my El Prado pictures like I promised!

The Prado San Diego
Just outside The Prado. Lovely, isn't it?

The Prado San Diego
I actually caught the lady who waters these. Just a regular gardener, checking her plants. Watering. Arranging. It made me smile. And made me think of my garden. "Trying not to worry...trying not to worry...."

The Prado San Diego
The Prado San Diego fruit soda
Peach fruit soda. Fresh! It is so yum!!! And pretty. ;D
The Prado San Diego fruit soda
My sisters got passionfruit fruit soda, which I got last year. Very yum to. Nice tang.

The Prado San Diego
Flatbread and humus. So yum! Love the ones with the spices.
The Prado San Diego calamari fries
Calamari fries! Good enough to talk about for a year--which we did, from last year. We were ecstatic to have them again!

The Prado San Diego kobe burger
I ordered what I had last year and just LOVED--the Kobe burger. Isn't it HUGE?? The chorizo beans and fries were good too. ;)

The Prado San Diego kobe burger
Now this is one of my "whopper" bites. The burger is that big. And I do have a big bite. Just so you know.

The Prado San Diego chocolate dessert
I'm so sorry...once it was on the table, I completely forgot about a picture. I just devoured it. ;D But, One Tired Mom has an excellent photo. Here's the link!

  The second time that we went to The Prado, I didn't get any pictures, because my camera was wounded from beach sand. Pity. I had a lovely pig salad with shrimp. Very yum, with blue cheese and all the toppings. I love salad! It was such a hot day, I needed something refreshing. Thank goodness for salad and peach fruit soda! And for dessert. Want to know what I chose for dessert (and my sisters did to, for that matter, naturally)? Chocolate Mousse Cake. With vanilla icecream. It was SO GOOD. Definitely a favorite!! Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture for it. Tsk. Well, I better get this up before the power tries to go off again. See you next week!

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

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