Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blooming Summer Garden

  I am long overdue for a flower/garden picture post! You have my apologies. But what I have will certainly make you happy! I am so bursting with pride and happiness at how beautiful the season is. The good Lord has been blessing us with plenty of rain! I can't tell you how grateful we all are for that. Especially after a couple hard, dry years.

  First, update pics on my garden! My GLAD is blooming! And it's my favorite shade!! And the four o'clocks are beginning to bloom, and the moonflowers! Don't they look like divine white trumpets?

peach tall gladiolus picture

peach tall gladiolus picture

full bloom moon flower picture

full bloom moon flower picture

cosmos seedling picture
These are my Fiery Cosmos seedlings. They should bloom in time for fall! I'm so excited to see them bloom over the next couple months!

fall sunflower seedling pictures
These are my fall sunflower seedlings--Autumn Beauty, Lemon Queen, and Red Sun.

peach rose pictures
This rose was here before we even moved in, fifteen years ago. Love the color. I hope to get another round of blooms from it--sometimes with good rain seasons, it will!

peach rose pictures

  This evening I am going to plant some more pansies in a pot, to bloom for the fall. The pansies I've been showing are the same--but they're the ones I planted last fall, but got nipped in the early cold! But they were gutsy enough to survive through the winter and bloom! I increasingly believe the plants under my care acquire my mulish stubbornness.
  Very soon, over the next couple days I will have wildflower pictures to show you. There are so many, they would crowd this post! I guarantee you'll want to see them!

  Don't forget in the next few days the Bermuda Necklace Giveaway is going to begin! So have it marked!

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

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