Friday, May 31, 2013

USS Midway Visit

   Here I am again! Gosh, it feels so soon. Ah, that's because it is! ;D That's what happens when you were late before and are on time the next. Good for me.
I don't you last time I got my camera fixed, so now I can go ahead and share a couple pictures that I wanted to get for you guys, of my shells and mugs I got from Disneyland! And I wanted to share some really cool pictures from our tour of the USS Midway. It was pretty awesome. And the Kissing Sailor statue just at the shore was too cute! So I'll share those first!

USS Midway picture
Isn't it impressive?

USS Midway bell picture

USS Midway plaque quote
Good words--I had to share them.

USS Midway pictures
This is the space they'd have under their mattress for anything personal.

USS Midway pictures
I've heard a lot about the narrow spaces. I love reading about those who served, how they lived. Coming from a family who has served, I greatly respect the military.

navy carrier chain pictures
Now this is what you call MASSIVE chains!

USS Midway pictures

USS Midway pictures

USS Midway pictures

Going out on a side deck, near the shop, was a nice surprise by the harbor!

Kissing Sailor San Diego picture
Now that is what I call a lovely shot. Jeez, hope my future man kisses me as passionately. ;D

USS Midway pictures
This was so cool, looking at all the jets and helicopters!

USS Midway pictures
We get a glimpse of the gun works! Now that is awesome.

USS Midway pictures
Beautiful shot.

USS Midway pictures
But not as lovely as our own.

USS Midway film
We happened to visit on the day that they are filming for a documentary! How cool is that? Not to say anything of all the handsome men in uniform.... ;D

USS Midway pictures
The action of the wings always fascinated me, ever since I was nine and saw the wings of a plane (we were on a trip to visit family) moving oddly. At first I thought they were breaking--then I realized that was just how they worked. ;D

USS Midway pictures
Awesome. And check out its gun power! Whoo man!

USS Midway pictures
I was so thrilled to get this shot from the flight deck!

USS Midway pictures
Another good shot. Camera crew are filming around here.

blue hot rod pictures
We walked back to the parking lot to see these there! Are they just slick? I wouldn't mind having one. Gorgeous cars!

white hot rod pictures
Certainly like the flame detail.

yellow hot rod truck pictures
Funky truck

 Just as we were leaving the flight deck the director called up a group of uniformed actors, and boy, did they look dapper! Once in the car, my sisters in and I joked that it would have been hilarious if we had called, "Call me!" over our shoulders! 

  Here's my mug pictures. (Ha, "mug shot" just came to mind. I'll have to be careful with my phrasing). ;D

yoda disney mug
Of course, being of a stature on the shorter scale, certain family members thought this was perfect. My mom pointed it out actually. What is she trying to say?? ;D

disney yoda mug
I think the face at the bottom is what sold me. Every time I finish my coffee, Yoda will look at me in approval. Or is that supposed to be a different expression?

yoda disney mug

Alice in Wonderland disney cup
I thought this was just TOO cute! I love funky things. This is just perfect. So interesting!

shell collection picture
Isn't this a lovely collection? And all fitting on that one clam half! So cool! And yes, that's is a sand dollar piece.

sea rock collection picture
Some rocks I picked up at the beach too.

  Now I have to tell you a funny story. My first time using my Yoda cup, I was working at my computer. I don't remember what I was doing, but it was giving me a hard time, or I was just messing up, so I said to myself, "You're deluded." Then I turned around and saw my mug, and the way it was positioned, it looked like it said, "ARE YOU?" (When it actually said "do you", of course). For a split second I was like, "Gasp! Yoda's contacting me via a Disney cup!!!" Then of course I saw that it was the normal words. But just had to laugh. Me and my delusions. Where'd I be without them? Laughing less, I should think.

  Regarding my giveaway, Hallie from Life: Oceanside has agreed to cohost! Looking at my calendar, I think early July is actually going to be a better time, and not much later than what I had planned in the first place. Just a few days later. We'll see how it goes!

  Other news is that I have a new item listed! My Tigereye Chandelier Earrings! What do you guys think?

tigereye chandelier earrings

So, until next Tuesday, Ciao!



  1. This is weird. We visited the U.S.S. North Carolina on vacation. The Midway does look like it's a few levels bigger. But seriously. We both go to the beach - then tour a ship? Weird...

  2. Love all the pictures! I especially loved your cups, though I have to say that I don't think that expression is approval. :) And don't worry, I'm short too. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you are taller than me.

  3. awe... loved your new cups! :D there so cool! :D "Judge me by my size do you!" :P lol

  4. They ARE very cute, aren't they! I love using them. ;D

  5. Thanks for posting these pictures ! Do you have some other bridge images ? Best Regards from Brazil

    1. These were by far the best, without just showing the same areas. I'm so glad you liked the pictures!!


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